Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dude...They Just Aren't That Into You

Poor Neil.  He went into his American Idol Audition full of hope that his 160 IQ would get him to Hollywood. 

Actually, it wasn't so much hope as it was delusion. 

Nothing against Neil or any of the other contestants that try out for the show when they, well, ummm, clearly don't have talent.  It takes guts to stand there and sing your heart out and then wait for the merciless judgement from the "Big Three." 

Honestly, most some of the contestants who are truly, in Simon's words, "bloody auwful,"  know that they can't get their few minutes of fame from their talent so they choose the other route - get it from their extreme lack of talent.

Then there are the Neils.  "There is no Reality but what we make for ourselves," he said.  Unfortunately for him, the reality the judge's made was one without him in Hollywood.

My husband pointed out that most of the contestants with fantasy talent are single.  "Wives aren't big on entertaining their husband's illusions," he said.

Yes, I know - I tucked that comment away for a future conversation, just in case he has an illusion he wishes I'd support. 

Back to American Idol.  Where are these contestants' friends and family when they are needed the most?  Where are they so they can tell their poor deluded loved ones, "I love you and support you, but don't do will be famous for the wrong reasons."

Maybe they need to get married for a reality check.

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Fred J said...

You are my reality check, that is certain. You are not one bit impressed by the things that impress ME about me, but are by things I don't even notice... silly girl. But I suppose that's why we work so well.

Easy to please - difficult to impress... that's my wife.