Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Idle Take on Idol's Guys

So here's the gist of last night's show from the judges:  

We don't not want you to be creative and change the songs, just don't not sound too much the same or different from the original.  

Clear as mud. 

Maybe it's just me, but I thought Todrick Hall and Andrew Garcia both did great renditions of their songs.  The vocals weren't perfect, but they should have gotten more props for creativity and bravery.

Speaking of being clear, someone should tell Ellen that telling a guy (Alex Lambert, who, by the way, has a nice sound if he can just get his stage presence together) he needs to become a ripe banana does not give him something to aspire to.  Unless she wants him to stink more.  And unless the banana is a really big one.  Does she even have a frame of reference for that??

I dig Tyler Grady, but he does need to get real.  When the judges told him he needs to change his look, my daughter said, "What do they want, a tophat and monocle?"  Yeah, she said monocle.  This from the girl who can look out our back door during the winter, see water covering every inch of the yard, and use her powers of reason to ask, "Did someone jump in the pool and splash water everywhere??"  Ummm, honey, it's called rain.  But I have to admit I had to ask her what the heck a monocle is.
In case you're wondering, it's one of these:

I just can't let John Park's comments about Shania Twain go by.  How cute was that?  She said all kinds of sweet things about his bottom and his lips in the auditions and last night he pretty much asked her to marry him.  Ya can't blame the guy, heck, I'd do marry her.  She's one of the most beautiful women in music. 

While we are on the topic of beautiful and cute, you gotta love big Michael Lynche.  He's grounded and knows who he is.  I disagreed with the judges and thought he sounded great.  What's not to love about him?

And then there's Casey.  Sexy, sincere, awww-shucks-I-know-I'm-cute-but-just-enough-to-make-me-sexy-and-not-enough-to-make-me-cocky Casey.  Doesn't he just melt your heart, girls?  I loved how every emotion showed in his face.  If he hit a note wrong, or got it dead on, you could have the TV on mute and see it all in his face.  Not that I'd mute him.  I thought he was good - just a little unnerved by Cara.  She tried to say she didn't care what he looked like, but she's a liar.  Dreary called her a cougar.  Pretty soon he's going to be sitting off at his own little judging table by himself.

My favs for the guys:
Andrew Garcia
Michael Lynche
Casey James
Tyler Grady

Happy Idling!


aladdinsane12 said...

I don't watch "Amerian Idol"...I wish I had something to say! All I do have to say is that I want to have Simon Cowell's babies and if I were a woman, I would probably want to have Ellen Degeneres' babies...she's funny, what can I say?!

DaughteroftheStars said...

Like aladdin up above I haven't watched Idol in a long time, the Aussie version just got axed and we aren't seeing the current American season yet.

I love Ellen as a talk show host but I do wonder how that makes her qualified to judge musical performances? can she even accurately judge if they are off pitch etc?

Lori said...

Aladdin - Really? Simon's babies? I'm not that into him. But Ellen, I agree with. I just love her!

Daughter - I think Ellen is the voice of America on the show. We have the 3 musical talent judges and I think Ellen's I-don't-know-much-about-music-but-I-know-what-most-people-like approach is refreshing.

Deb said...

great recap. and i agree with your list. AND gold star to your daughter for using the word monocle! genius!

Anonymous said...

I thought their feedback was contradictory too. Clear as mud is right! As for the talent, I think the girls have it this year. Can't remember names till they narrow it down a bit more (who remembers the first few to go?) but I think Kara's got some issues with Casey. Stay tuned.......Hubby had to be in the audience to keep her from goggling at Casey the whole time.

JenJen said...

We get American Idol from the past. AFN (the Armed Forces Network) has a bit of a delay. I think the winner might be Kelly Clarkson this year. Yippe-kia-yay, muther truckers!