Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Guydolls!

This week, the guys brought it!  There were a few noteworthy performances by the girls, but nearly every guy showed huge improvement and proved themselves worthy of being in the top 12.

Alex Lambert and Tim Urban were two who may not be the best, but keep getting better and better.  If they could just get over their nerves, they could give the rest of the contestants a run for their money.  Ellen even gave Tim a hug...awwww.

Sexy Casey James came back this week with just him and his guitar.  He sang with feeling and a country vibe and did a great job.

The least appreciated guy this year, for me, is Todrick Hall.  That boy does some unique and great sounding renditions, sings them well, and gets mostly a lukewarm response from the judges.  I don't get it.  He gave Queen's "Somebody To Love" a gospel sound and was awesome!  Randy and Ellen loved it, but Kara and Simon were not as enthusiastic.

My favorite of the night, and overall, is Big Mike Lynche.  He sang that beautiful song "This Woman's Work,"and WOW!  It brought Kara to tears.  Yes, tears.  I don't know how many guys that I've heard remark today that they couldn't understand why Kara cried over it.  Well, guys, let me 'splain it to you:

When a man's wife is giving birth to their first child alone while her man is off staying in an L.A. hotel room, living his dream - she just might need a little acknowledgment from her man.  Big 'ole Mike sang his big 'ole butt off for his woman.  He sang of her sacrifice and her strength and them wasn't just words, you could see he was feeling it.  Kara got it.  I got it.  It was a beautiful thing. 

*Honk* That's me blowin' me nose.  Moving on to the girls...

Didi Benami came back this week and I'm so glad cause I just love her.  By the way, if you click the linkys, you can see a you tube clip of their performances - just lettin ya know.

The "funny little thing," as Simon calls her, Siobhan Magnus did a nice performance of "House of the Rising Sun".  But I gotta say, I wasn't crazy about Lilly Scott singing Patsy Cline.  Just didn't do it for me, although the judges liked it.  And what the heck was hanging from her earlobes, yarnballs??

The best of the night for me, again, was Crystal Bowersox.  Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason" was the perfect song for her and she rocked it!  Love that song and love her sound!

Short and sweet this week.  We'll see who is in our top 12 after tonight's results.  Happy idle Idoling!


Tree said...

I have to totally agree with you! Big Mike is most definitely my favorite at this time, but all the guys "brought it" on Wednesday. I'm sad about Todrick though..I don't know that he should've gone yet, and Alex was just so pitiful...and I thought he did great!

I couldn't get with Lily's performance either, and could NOT figure out what the judges heard. (crazy). You could tell she was pissed that she was voted off. OOPS LOL I also love Crystal, and another favorite is Paige, but don't think she did too well this week.

Lori said...

Yeah, Todrick should have stayed. I think he brought alot to the competition and he can really sing. Chicken Little (hubby's nickname for Aaron) should have been the one to go - he needs another year or so of experience. Then Alex could have stayed because he really does have a nice sound.

And lilting Lilly just picked the wrong song to do this week. Next week ought to be good with the Rolling Stones theme!

aladdinsane12 said...

alright. so. i decided to watch those videos so i could actually have something meaningful to say this time! my thoughts:
-casey james would be cute, but he's country. i'm not into that.
-mike lynche seems like such a nice guy- and he has a great voice, too!
-didi benami=older taylor swift
-i was not a fan of this siobhan chick. i didn't like her voice at all. kinda manly...