Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Ideals

     Last night's performances are what I love about American Idol.  It showcases hope and determination. Seeing people put themselves and their talents out there for all to see and judge and then seeing it pay off for them and watching their faces light up and knowing that in that moment their dreams are coming true - well, it just makes me all warm inside.  That and the whiskey.

     The theme last night was R&B and most of the singers did really well, but a few struggled.  Siobhan just couldn't hit the lows in Through The Fire and had pitch problems throughout.  Emotional Didi lost herself, the judges said.  That happens sometimes when you're trying to find yourself, which I think she is.  Problem is, she should have figured out her style sooner because she's in danger of going home.  It's too bad because I liked her and her Indie style.

     Hold on, cause sexy  Casey is back!  I'm in love with him again even though he put the ponytail back in.  He gave a great performance, but the judges were mixed.  The girls found it lacking but the guys said it was his best yet.

     Big Mike crooned his way through Ready For Love,  and as always his great vocals and honest performance were a winning combination.

    I think  Tim   will be the one to go home tonight.  He was all over the place with his vocal and what was up with the sneaky walk while he sang?  it was weird.

     I always thought Andrew did well, despite the judges opinions, but tonight he wowed them  with his version of  Forever.  He just beamed with the praise and he deserved it.

    I have to talk about both the sprouts in the same paragragh.  Katie had a little 'tude in her performance, looked great and did a nice job with Chain of Fools.  Aaron had a rough start to Ain't no Sunshine When She's Gone, but pulled it off ok in the end.  

     Lee Dewyze.  He's what I'm talking about. He finally came out of his head and sang in the moment and  you could tell he believed in himself at last by the way he looked at the audience.  Usher was the guest vocal coach and I think getting props from Usher gave him the validation he needed.  Sometimes we need others to believe in us so that we can believe in ourselves.  And I gotta say, Usher took his task seriously and gave  honest and constructive feedback to all the contestants.  It showed in most of the performances, but it made the most difference to Lee.  The visible change in how he carried himself almost brought a tear to ma eye. 

      Yeah, I get into this show to much.  I'm the same way with So You Think You can Dance.  Don't worry, I won't do weekly commentary on that show too.  I just love watching talented people evolve.

     My girl, Crystal stepped it up, put down the guitar and sat down at the piano for Midnight Train to Georgia.  She even girlified herself up with spike heels and a booby bust enhancing top.  She's another one that you can see is loving that America loves her.  She gets better and better.

     In just a few hours we'll see who's going home.  At this point, they should all be proud of themselves.  Cheers and happy idle idoling!



aladdinsane12 said...

alright, i've gotta admit that casey is pretty damn sexy. i love me a long-haired boy with a guitar. those are the only reasons why i'm dating my boyfriend. ok, not really, but yeah, kind of...

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