Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idull

     I was really looking forward to last nights show, but I have to say, I am a little disappointed.  The theme was Rolling Stones and it felt like rolling yawns.  Except for Ellen's sense of humor and Simon almost calling security on Ryan, it was pretty dull.  But, like Ellen says, "What do I know?"

     First out of the gate was Big Mike, singing Miss You.  As you know, I love him, but can you say over-performed?  I loved how his song started and ended, but didn't care for the middle.  The judges liked it though.  It was sweet seeing him with his wife and new baby in the intro clip.  That's all I have for Mike today.

     Didi sang Playing With Fire beautifully.  I thought it was one of her best performances and she looked fabulous.  She's really looking more comfortable on the stage.

     Casey finally took his hair out of that god-awful ponytail.  There's the looker I remember!  He sang It's All Over Now with a bluesey rock vibe and whaled on his electric guitar.  He sounded great, but needed some rocker moves.  He should take a lesson from my hubby.  Yup, that's him, front and center, wearing the shirt his cat got to in this pic from the 80's.  Ain't that spandex sexy?

     All I can say about Lacey is she's super cute and has an adorable personality.  She sang Ruby Tuesday, but not very well.  Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly, on the other hand,  gave their best performances so far.  Good for them, they needed the confidence booster.

     I don't care what the judges said, I liked Andy's performance of Gimee Shelter and Tim Urban's reggae version of Under My Thumb.  Andy's voice has that quality that just makes you want to listen to more of it.  Ellen agrees with me, but the other judges were mixed.  They said Tim's performance was something a hotel entertainer would sing while you were laying on a beach.  Maybe that's why I liked it.  I like beaches.

     Lee Dewyze and Paige Miles have the most unrealized potential out of the twelve.  The other contestants know who they are and what they can do (save for the two youngest) but these two don't seem to have it figured out yet.  Paige knows how to perform but had some issues with her voice due to a bout with laryngitis.  Lee had the opposite problem.  He has such great tone, but mumbled alot of his song and didn't perform.  Ellen summed it up by saying his performance was like a hospital gown - it didn't quite come together. 

     Then we come to Siobhan.  She sang Paint it Black.  The judges loved her, but I only liked the beginning and the end.  The in-between was a little nasaly to me.  She nailed the ending notes, which is becoming her signature style.  Can I just say something between us girls?  When she's not singing, she sounds a tad like a bandcamp wacko.  Hubby says she's the kind of ex-girlfriend you wouldn't want.  Being an ex-lead singer in a rock band, hubby knows about ex-girlfriends.  On a positive note, she looked the best she ever has.

     I really needed Crystal to save the show for me.  There were good moments, but I just didn't get excited about any one overall performance.  Then it was Crystal's turn.  It wasn't the best for her, but it was the best overall of the night, in my opinion.  She sang my theme song You Can't Always Get What You Want.  It was the answer tone on my phone whenever my kids called.  Good 'ole Crystal.  She stays true to herself and sounds great doing it. 

     Are you tuning in with me tonight to see who stays and who goes?  Happy Idle Idoling!


Tree said...

Oh girl....I am right there with you! LOL I missed Big Mike, who is my favorite so far....And Casey was as adorable as ever with his hair out. Something about the long-haired dudes that gets me (the 80's girl coming out in me LOL).

I also thought Aaron and Katie did their best performance last night. I wasn't thrilled with the Rolling Stones theme either, although I do like the Stones. But, Mick has that certain something that goes with his songs, that alot of them don't have.

Crystal was awesome as usual, but didn't think that was her best performance. And she acted a bit more "human" last night (and grateful...not so "snooty" as before). I don't think she's snooty...probably just shy, but she comes off that way at times.

Lee and Paige both have AWESOME talent, but definitely need to start believing in themselves more. I was thinking last night that Lee reminds me of a young Bruce Springsteen....but, he definitely needs stage presence.

And I ADORE Ellen....she was at her top "comic" performance last night. LOL Still can't stand Kara! lmao that I have taken over your post, I'm done for now! LOL I'll be back after they vote tonight and you post your update! :)


Tracie said...

This season I like Crystal, DiDi and Casey. But overall, I think everyone has been kind of blah. I need some WOW! Factor.

Tree said...

LOL They are all good, but Wow Factor yet that I've seen.

Lori ~ I totally have to agree with the guest chicks they had on.....I didn't know them either and thought they were rather weird. LOL I feel bad for Lacey too....heck, I always feel bad for them all in the end, but I think she was the one that should've gone this week.

aladdinsane12 said...

oh my gosh, "gimme shelter" is my favorite stones song! and "shattered," even though it is a little ridiculous. not a fan of their early stuff.

someday i'll watch american idol and be able to say something really ground-breaking on the subject :)