Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arbitrary Idol

I've decided to post my idle take on Idol just once a week and cover the guys and girls nights in one post.  Not that anyone is waiting with bated breath for my quirky blatherings about the show's events, but just thought I'd share that newsflash.   My Aussie friends who are too cheap to pay for premium cable can't see the show down under will appreciate this.

On to the show.  Arbitrary.  That sums up the judges feedback both nights in my opinion.  Maybe the contestants sound very different live than on T.V., but I've never disagreed with the judges more frequently than this season.

Listen to Todrick Hall's rendition of What's Love Got to Do With it by Tina Turner.  It's creative and unique, which is what the judges say they want contestants to be.  Their feedback was that he should stick to his first love, dancing.  Whaaaaat?

Andrew Garcia sang James Morrison's You Give Me Something and the judges weren't impressed.  Simon wanted something unique and original and  Kara wants to be surprised.  Andy surprised them last week with an original rendition and the judges said it was too different from the original.  Once again, their feedback is clear as mud.

Then there is Didi Benami.  I just wanted to hug her.  Her Lean On Me had a pitchy spot or two, but she sang it with heart, was true to herself, and I liked hearing that soulful song infused with her vibrato style.  The judges were way too harsh and Simon's comments calling her a screeching cat and telling her she wasted her singing opportunity put her over the edge.  She was struggling to hold back the waterworks.  At least Ryan had a heart and she managed a smile for America in the end.  We still love you Didi!

The judges lukewarm response to Katelyn Epperly's slowed down version of Coldplay's The Scientist was also way off.  Katelyn looked and sounded beautiful.

Based on the judges bad calls, they should rename the show American Anal. Jermaine Sellers put it succinctly when he said, "We're all artists, but we're not Picassos yet."

However, the judges made some good calls too.  Kara broke up with Casey James this week.  I really like Casey, and his guitar playing rocked, but his singing  lacked heart.

Michael Lynch and Crystal Bowersox sang their hearts out and sang to win.  The judges said Crystal had pure, raw talent and they underestimated her in the beginning.  Randy gave Michael a standing ovation and Ellen said he was the one to beat.  Thank you.

Lilly Scott, once again, won our hearts just being Lilly.  Her lilting rendition of Sam Cooke's A Change is Gonna Come was brilliant.  Kara said it was her "moment" and Randy said it was the best of the night.

A sleeper for the girls, Siobhan Magnus, wowed the judges with her Think, by Aretha Franklin.  The last note of the song was the most memorable moment of the night.  Simon still calls her a "funny little thing," but she proved she's got the stuff last night and at least the judges agreed.

One last thing - thanks to my hubby, I can't help but think of Calvin everytime I look at Ellen.  She needs Hobbes by her side to complete the picture - especially Tuesday night, with her boy scout ensemble.  If you didn't see it, you'll just have to trust me, cause I can't find a pic of it.  She was wearing a boy scout tie.  Don't get mad, Ellen, I love you!  Here's a hug from Hobbes.


Tree said...

I'm here waiting with bated breath. LOL Another HUGE Idol fan. I have to agree with you....I think the judges so far this year are WAY off on some of the contestants. I've heard Simon say before that in the studio it does sound much different than on tv, so maybe that's it?!

I'm still not at the point where I can say who I think should stay and who should go. I do like several of them....Siobhan was really good last night, but she's a bit strange. LOL I also really like Crystal and Paige. I'm not really that big a fan of Lilly's and I didn't think she was as awesome as they made her out to be last night. Looking forward to seeing the results tonight!! Sorry for the book! lmbo

Lori said...

Ooooooo, a fellow fan! I would love to see a live show sometime, wouldn't that be fun? Yes, tonight will be interesting!

Unknown said...

Haha, just call me the Tight Arse Aussie... :D Since when is Ellen on Idol?? That's why you were talking about her and Calvin- I thought that was just a random comparision lol

aladdinsane12 said...

a boy scout ensemble?? why? maybe i need to start watching this show!

Lori said...

Lori - See what you Aussie's are missing? Ellen's been a judge since Hollywood week.....random? me?

Aladdin - Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a wee bit...but it LOOKED like a boy scout tie!

Tree said...

Here's your Idol buddy back again LOL....watching it as we speak! Can't wait to see the results tomorrow night!!

P.S. I've given you a blog award in a post on my blog!! Come on over and snag it! Love your blog.

Tree aka Mother of Pearl