Thursday, April 15, 2010

Better Late then Never?

     A little less work and a little more blogging is my Elvis mantra today.  I didn't have a second on Wednesday to recap Tuesday's show then before I knew it, the results were on.  If anyone out there was disappointed that there was no Idol post from me, I'm truly sorry.  You can leave me nasty comments if it makes you feel better.
     Now that we know Katie and Andrew were the ones eliminated, it's a little pointless to recap everyone's performance, so I'm just going to touch on a few highlights.  The theme was Elvis songs and the mentor was Adam Lambert.  If you don't watch the show, Adam was the runner up last season and is known for his fantastic vocals and creative song interpretation.  He may be controversial but he is extremely talented.  Take a listen to his version of Johnny Cash's country classic Ring Of Fire: 

Crazy, right?  I couldn't find good video of the actual performance on You Tube but Adam was also known for his flamboyant showmanship.  He was a good choice to mentor for Elvis week.
     I thought the best performance of the night was Big Mike singing In the Ghetto .  In case you missed it, Big Mike got the lowest number of votes last week and would have been eliminated from the show, which was astonishing.  The judges are allowed to "save" one contestant from elimination until it gets down to the last five contestants.  They rightly choose to save Mike.  Here's his performance this week, after being spared going home last week:

     If anyone deserves to make it to the very end, it's big hearted Big Mike.
     The other noteworthy performances were by Crystal and Lee. But the most noteworthy moment of the night was when Ryan was telling Adam Lambert about how he sings along to Adam's songs in his car, and Adam said to get the screams he has to get his tongue out.  Ryan replied, "My tongue is not nearly as talented as yours." 
     Can you say "Awkward?"  A network executive somewhere probably choked.
     Hope everyone is having a great week and I'll try not to drop the ball next week!


Tracie said...

I'm not a fan of Mikes. But I lurve me some Crystal. I think Adam Lambert was one of the best mentors ever. He did a great job!

aladdinsane12 said...

i think that mike seems like a sweet guy! and he looks very cuddly :) not a fan of adam lambert's "ring of fire," though. it was a little too weird for my taste!

Unknown said...

*Insert nasty comment here*. Joking, joking ;)

Anonymous said...

I think Crystal and Casey are just naturals up there. Regardless what happens in the comp, I think both will go on to have success. I like Lee's voice and if he works on stage presence a bit and breaking out a smile once in a while, he is good. Big Mike is really good and I would like to hear more from him. Tim really needs to go. Must be the teen set voting him back each week. UGH! Shioban has got pipes but I am getting tired already of her sound. Not sure where she will end up.
I keep laughing at all the "awkward" moments Ryan keeps having. Between him and Adam and Simon, I am constantly surprised at what dorky things he keeps saying. Totally hysterical. I don't think you can write that stuff. Anywho, just my 2 cents. Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

Hi Gems - I agree with all of that. Ryan's a pretty good host though. He comes up with some funny adlib stuff!

Hey Aladdin- Yeah, Adam can be pretty out there. I just admire his creativity and talent though.

Hey Tracie - Crystal, yeah she's awesome. I heard that she was thinking of quitting and Ryan talked her out of it. I hope she goes all the way, she needs to be making CDs for sure.

Lori - You Aussie's don't even watch American Idol so save your nasty comments for the Man. Ha ha! :-)

Tree said...

Shame on you for posting late, Lori! lmao Just teasing ya. ;) I'm with you on Big Mike...I also think he was the best performance of the night. And I also LOVE Adam Lambert...wanted him to win so bad last year, although I also didn't care for his Ring of Fire, but love him.

I was totally pissed that Katie got the boot (figured it was time for Andrew though LOL), and Tim is still there! AAAGGH! Definitely the teeny bopper vote keeping him on the show.

Still love Crystal, Casey, and Aaron too, but thought he was kinda weak on Tuesday. And yeah...Siobhan is starting to irk my nerves too. LOL