Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Idleing Away

     Doesn't time fly? This season of American Idol is almost over. The final three contestants sang two songs this week - one of their choosing and the other chosen by the judges. All of them performed the judges pick better than their own pick.
     I thought Lee's Hallelujah was the best of the night.  Simon can be annoyingly smug but I have to say he picked the right song.  If you want to skip the boring stuff, the song starts at about a minute into the video.

     Crystal was a close second (although hubby thought she was better) with her version of Maybe I'm Amazed.  She definitely amazed America with the way she belted out that song.  It showed the range and strength of her voice like I've never heard it.  Take a listen:

     Sexy Casey looked as hot as ever and the judges pick for him was Daughters by John Mayer.  I love the song and he did a nice job with it, but it didn't measure up to Crystal or Lee.  The song starts about a minute and a half into the video.

     The final two will be announced tonight and it's looking to me like Crystal and Lee, but there's always surprises with this show so we shall see.

     On a completely unrelated note, I don't know if it's Spring fever or what, but I sure am feeling like just chilling on a beach in Hawaii.  The weekly grind of slaving away with work and wishing for Friday to come, then slaving away with housework and errands on the weekend, then starting all over again on Monday is getting damn old.  What's it all for anyway?  To make another house payment?  Just gimme a tent on a beach.  And no mailing address, thank you very much.  Ah well, there's another post in the making with these thoughts, so I'll just leave it at that. 
     Happy Idoling!


aladdinsane12 said...

ah, wouldn't we all love to be in Hawaii...

i try so hard to appreciate these singers and the music, but i can't enjoy music unless it has electric guitars, ridiculous-looking men, and occasionally keytars...

Tree said...

HAH! You and me both, girl! That is my dream to move the family to Hawaii and open a little hut on the beach selling t-shirts, towels, and such to the tourists. LMAO

I loved all 3 of them, of course. It's so hard to say "goodbye" toward the end. I will miss Casey, but I'm sure with his talent he will get scooped up. I LOVED Lee's Hallelujah. I really think he may be the Idol this year....we'll see. Crystal was awesome as usual too.

Fred J said...

Do I get to go to Hawaii when you go? Should I make sure I can see your tent from the balcony of my hotel room? Shall I order you something from room service? Can I borrow the debit card?