Sunday, July 1, 2012

Relapse...and other things

I'm tired of writing about addiction and rehab.

So, I'm going to just say this quick, like ripping off a band-aid.

She relapsed three days after she came home.

She had her 19th birthday out on the street. I haven't seen her since May 31st. Yesterday I got a facebook notification that she friended me and we facebook messaged each other a little. Says she's "fine".

Yada, yada.

I can't talk about it anymore.

So, I'm going camping.

It started out a getaway camping trip for just me and hubby. Normally my whole family goes camping together every year, but the last 2 years, for various reasons, we haven't and it didn't look like we would be able to this year either.

But it's just like in the movie - "Plan it and they will come." So now it's grown from just me and hubby to my sister, one of her step-kids, my brother, my older daughter, and our uncle. And for us, when it comes to camping, the more the merrier, so I'm actually very happy that it's turned into a family camping trip after all.

Planning this trip has been my saving grace these last few weeks. I was intent on going somewhere we haven't been before, so I decided on the Great Basin National Park, here in Nevada. It's known for it's fascinating Lehman Caves, and for the most beautiful views of the night sky in all of the United States. I can't wait.

Our living room contains a pile of camping gear that has grown larger with each day. I hope it will all fit in the car. Hubby said we were crazy when my brother suggested doing a "dry-pack" of the car before we leave next week.

"You do realize what "dry-packing" the car means, right? It means you're going to pack the car, then unpack the car. For absolutely no reason," he says.

My brother and I just looked at him. What do you expect from a guy whose favorite part of camping is napping in the tent?

Anyway, hopefully I'll have some entertaining camping stories to blog about when I get back. It will be more entertaining then addiction and rehab stories, that's for sure. Or maybe I won't come back. Maybe I'll just live up there in my tent. Maybe hubby will have to put me in camping rehab.

What else?

Oh, yes. Remember I said my older daughter was choreographing and performing a duet dedicated to her sister? She performed it at her dance school's recital a couple weeks ago. It was so beautiful, I bawled through the entire thing and forgot to press the "record" button on the video camera so got not one piece of it!

Fortunately, the father of one of the other performers recorded the whole recital and is making me a copy. I'll post it for you. You just have to see it.

That's all I have today. Hope everyone is having a great summer.