About Me

I started this blog mainly because I just like to write stuff. I knew it wasn't going to be earth-shattering, life-changing information or even relevant political or social opinions. It's just small stuff - hence, the name.

Here's 10 things about me.

1.  I'm 54.

2.  I have several dogs. (I would put a number in here, but it keeps changing). Yes, we are those people. The ones you don't want as neighbors or occupying the campsite next to yours. I didn't mean to have so many dogs, but they just started accumulating.

3.  I like to make comics and often inflict them on my readers.

4.  I have three grown kids - a Christian, a hippie, and a truck driver. (No, that's not the beginning of a joke.)

5.  I like wine. And other cocktails.

6.  My dream home is a travel trailer. Yes, really. You'll find I mention that a lot. Like...really a lot. I'm kind of obsessed with it.

7.  I like to laugh.

8.  I believe in not judging people. None of us knows how we would react in a given situation unless we're in it.

9.  Sometimes I say really stupid shit and regret it.

10. *Insert 10th thing here when I think of it*

Here's a picture of my Fred. He likes to laugh too. It's a good thing we find each other funny. This is a second marriage for both of us, and 16 years in, I hope we keep laughing together for a long time.

Lastly, I just have to share this quote from Carl Sagan. I don't know why, but it inspired the name for my blog back when I started it, in January of 2010. No doubt I was drinking wine at the time.

"Skeptical scrutiny is the means by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from deep nonsense."

He, of course, was talking about science and religion. I prefer to relate it to thoughts I have when I'm having cocktails, ridiculous things my kids think, or things my husband ponders while he's in the shower and then has to call me up and tell me.

At any rate, the gist of Carl's words are that if you ponder something long enough you can extract a deeper meaning from it. I think that's true for every moment in every day. I guess this blog is my way of sharing how I do that.

*Updated 11/5/2019*