Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm on Restriction

I've put myself on restriction from blogging.  I have spent entirely too much time reading and commenting on other people's blogs, showing my daughter how to blog, changing my blog template a zillion times, adding and un-adding widgets, making buttons, and all sorts of creative, but non-money making ventures.

So I put myself on restriction until I do the following:
  1. Put out a newsletter for realtors so I can promote my business (check.  I did this one today)
  2. Post a good profile on Active Rain
  3. Ditto for Linkedin
Because quite frankly, I'm broke.  And I know I can fix that with a little more effort and a little less playing around on my blog.

My husband just pointed out that I could be doing numbers 2 and 3 above right now instead of blogging about how I'm on restriction from blogging.  What does he know anyway? 

I have lots of good blogs knocking around in my head though, and I really need to get them out soon before something else gets in there and takes their place.  Yeah, my brain is sort of like musical chairs.  When the music stops, the idea without a place to sit is out.  BA- BYE.   *insert picture of idea waving BA-BYE here*

I think I'll be back tomorrow. 

One more thing I just have to say before I go is that my lovely 18 year old daughter, Sissa, has started a blog too.  It does my heart proud.  I helped her with a template and she's off and typing.

Look what she typed for her very first blog:

So today is my official 1st day of beginning my 365 days of dance. Since I don't have work until 4 today I have made it my "todo" day. After I finish tending to my firebelly toads, I will begin working on my solo for a performance at my old school. The auditions are Feb 5th, and it has to be perfect. I'll write how it goes tonight. Stay tuned!!!

(love you mamma)

Ballerina practicing dance at ballet barre

Awwww, it just warms my heart!  I love her so.  You can read her funny experiences teaching 3 - 5 year olds to dance at 365dance.  Please excuse her confusion of "there" and "their".  She's here and I'm happy.


Brenda said...

Awww. What a lovely daughter you've got there Lori. Bet you're one super proud mama.

And FTR Blogging is very addictive. But, I am not addicted. Really I am not. Hehehe.

Savira Gupta said...

I hope you are not going to be in hiatus for too long! Beautiful daughter

Katherine Jenkins said...

Hi! Thanks for following my blog and the nice comment the other day. I love your blog. I am following. I know what you mean, blogging can take quite a bit of time. Mine is connected to a book by the same title that I hope to have out by the end of this year, so I feel there's a purpose. I've also committed myself to 365 Lessons, so that's another goal. I see your daughter also has a 365 days of dance blog. I will check it out. Peace to you, Kathy

Fred J said...

You are your daughter's mother, that is a certainty. You even blog like each other. How fortunate am I to get you both in 3D! BTW - isn't blogging about restricting yourself from blogging a paradox of sorts?

Blog like nobody is reading...

Marissa said...

love you mamma thank you for introducing me to the wonderous addicting world of...BLOGGING
*oh ah*