Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Makeover

Well. Got quite a lot accomplished this weekend. Blog-wise, that is. Got nada done around the house.

Na. Da.

That's Spanish for nuthin.

Anyhoo, I took Melissa's advice from about giving your blog a makeover and adding social media buttons, and taking away the dark background, and all the fluff in the sidebars (or some of it, anyway), and putting blogs you follow on a separate page, and lots of other stuff. Mind you, she didn't give this advice to me directly, but it was on twitter. So I did it. I like it better. Do you?

Also, I took Gigi's advie at about spicing up blog posts and doing list posts instead of boring, yada, yada posts. So that's what this is. A list post. So I guess I better get to the list then, eh?

A List Post About What I Did This Weekend

  1. Gave my blog a makeover.
  2. Discovered Pinterest
That's it. That's all I did. 

And while we're on the topic - Pinterest? Oh. My. God. 

Can you say TIME TAKER???  

Such a fun site. We're such a visual species and pictures are so...soul stirring. Really, aren't they? Even the materialistic ones showing cute outfits you wish you looked good in, and gorgeous jewelry you wished you owned, and rooms you wished you had to dust. It's not that we feel bad that we don't have them, it's just that we appreciate that they're out there for the taking.

So, that's my post for the weekend. And now, it's back to work tomorrow. Bugger.

P.S. So, I checked my blog stats - all 5 of them. And somebody found me by keying "adult comic online blogspot" into google search. Also, somebody keyed "Viagra Valentine's Day" and got my blog. I have no idea why, but they must have been terribly disappointed. Adult comics? Really? And anyone who thinks Viagra should be reserved only for Vaentine's Day deserves to be single.

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Anonymous said...

Like the new look Lori! And yes, Pinterest is a wonderful time suck that I love too! I get funny stats from places too, mostly because they googled some picture I used and landed on my blog. I get pornfreetube sometimes. Not even going to figure out what that one is. Maybe its good. Who knows. Happy Valentines day!