Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can We Just Get Some Fashion Trends for Normal Sized Women??

I'm not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. Emphasis on "stretch" because these days, that's exactly what my clothes have to do to fit me. Thank goodness for spanx.

But back to what I was saying - I'm not a fahsionista, but I do love having a new outfit or two to wear to work.    And Spring is around the corner, so it might be time for trying on a zillion things, looking fat in all of them, and drowning my self-conscious sorrows in margaritas. a shopping trip.

And, as luck would have it, our newspaper today had a spread on the hottest Spring fashion trends for this year. Goody! What fun and stylish trend can I per up my wardrobe with this Spring? Let's see. Here are my choices:

The Peplum Skirt
Ok, really? This is fine for an Angelina-Jolie-sized-gal (well actually, Angelina would probably swim in these girl's clothes), but not for your average woman. Do designers have any idea what a normal, size 12 woman would looe like in a peplum skirt? Like a picnic table, that's what.

Bare Midriff
Again - really? The average woman with her muffin-top and stretch marks is not going to look good in this. I go to great pains to hide my midriff, and it doesn't want to be bared, not even in a swimsuit.

All White
In theory, this seems a lovely idea. White is crisp, clean, and cool. And if I were wearing an outfit for about 5 minutes, it's perfect. However, here's what those outfits would like after a day at the office:

Not to mention the obvious problem with an all white outfit on a size 12 woman - it makes us look fat. Think snowman. Unless it's a wedding dress, of course.

Mesh and Transparent Fabrics
Mesh?? What are we, at an 80's high school? Perforations are for coupons, not normal-sized women's bodies. And transparent fabric is pointless, unless it's lingerie. Isn't the point of clothing to hide our flaws? Yes, to hide every jiggly, cellulite infused, stretch-marked flaw, THAT is clothing's job. Transparent fabric should be FI-ER-DUH.

So, I ask you - Where are the styles that normal sized women can wear???

I have to say though, one fun trend for this Spring and Summer is color blocking. Wearing two or three solids together - one on top, one on bottom, maybe a belt or jacket in a third color. No rules on mixing what colors - anything goes, it seems. Here's some fun examples from
Isn't the turqoise and purple just divine?
I do loves me some fuschia! It's great paired with black.
But really, if the average size of women in America is a 14 - yes, that's 14!! Then why are designers still making clothes for only anorexic bodies? And why are these tiny little women the ones modeling all of the latest styles and trends? That's just messed up.

Until the world changes, I guess I'll pick a few trends I like and head on over to Ross or Kohl's and see if I can adapt them to my size 12 body. I've found this is easier to do after a couple margaritas. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Good luck in your shopping expeditions! I too laugh at the fashions meant for tall, lean ladies and not your average woman. I tend toward comfortable clothes and maybe a few nice things to go out in should something come up. They sit in my closet until such day and then I hope they still fit!! Try for boards and inspirations though...sometimes I get ideas there.

Unknown said...
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