Thursday, September 5, 2013

Keepin' Calm and Fraggin' On

Friday Fragment Time!

Oh, how I love the fraginess that is Friday!

If you want to write a post about the bits and pieces of your week, do it and link it up at Half-Past Kissin' Time so we can all see what you've been up to. Because we're a bunch of nosy mothers.

Frag #1
Menopause makes me snarky. That's all I have to say about that.

Frag #2
My daughter, Sis, who is 22, went to Portland, Oregon a couple weeks ago to visit a close friend who moved up there. Sis was so taken with the place that she's making plans to move up there too.

Apparently, it's not against the law to walk around the town naked. There's even a lady they call "Naked bike lady" who rides around town naked, then parks her bike by the local bank, puts on a dress, goes inside and is the teller.

It's quite an open, accepting town, Portland is. On the one hand, I'm excited for my daughter embarking on an adventure...on the other, I'm worried she'll be "Naked Dog Lady" or "Naked Loud Girl" or some other such thing. She's a free spirit, my daughter. It's something I admire about her. I just want her to keep her spirit clothed, that's all.

Frag #3
My other daughter, The Girl, invited me to something at her Church called Cardboard Testimony. I guess it's a thing many churches do. She wanted me to go because she was participating in it. 

I'd never been to one and it was so inspiring and moving that I cried from beginning to end. I know it's silly, but it inspired me to post a comic about it (not that the service was silly, but the wanting to make a comic about it was). The signs in the comic are a few of the real signs that I saw during the service.

Faith, no matter what it is that we have faith in, is a powerful, powerful thing.

(Click on the 4-arrow thingy in the lower right corner of the comic to make it bigger, then to scroll it up just click and drag)

Frag #4
My sister and I decided to go on a girl's camping trip to Zion, Utah. We're going in a couple weeks and I can't wait. There won't be any fishing adventures this time. Just her and me tubing down the Virgin river, tooling around the lovely Springdale town right outside of Zion and where we'll be staying, and going on a hike or two inside the park.

The only thing I dread is that my idea of a hike and my sister's idea of a hike are quite different. I want to sort of, moderately stroll, and she's like exercise Hitler. I might have to put some booze in her water bottle to slow her down. Of course then she'll get chatty. Damn. I can't win either way.

Frag #5
And speaking of camping and travelling and such things...I made another comic featuring my little trailer. Have you ever looked up "Vintage Trailer Interiors" on Pinterest? Oh, My. Gosh. I could look at those cute little decorated trailer pictures all night.

Anyway, my comic site had a contest to make a comic about your dream home, so of course, I had to feature my trailer. Here it is:


Frag #6
My last frag is just to say that I actually wrote more than one blog post this week! I know. I can't believe it either. We visited my mom and her husband in California over Labor Day weekend and I took some lovely pictures and did a quickie post about it.

If you want to take a gander at it (because I don't think anyone has read it yet, besides my sister-in-law - Hi Trish!), you can read it here. And here's a picture of my lovely mom and her sweet and supportive hubby:

Well, that's it for my frags this week. Hope you have a fun weekend and remember, "Not all who wander are lost."  - J.R.R. Tolkien

Half-Past Kissin' Time


Traci Marie Wolf said...

I used to live in Seattle so I somewhat understand Portland and stuff like the naked bike lady. If you haven't had the chance to watch the show Portlandia, you can watch it on Netflix. It's hilarious.

I love good crying, it's such a release and I'm sure it washes away snarkiness.

I'll have to go read your post.

Great quote to end the frags with.
I love the idea of a sister's vacation. Love it. can't wait to hear more about your time in Zion.

Bill Lisleman said...

I guess if your daughter takes up nakedness, you will need to start a different blog to share pictures.
Booze for hiking - ah probably not a good idea. I have that same problem with my wife's idea of walk. I suggest you have your sister do a "pre-hike" before you start one together. Wear her out a bit.
That cartoon is very touching and what you shared in very moving.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Menopause gives me the worst headaches ever. If I eat orange food, they go away. True story:)
I spit my tea when trying to imagine that lady parking her bike and putting a dress on. In Philadelphia last week they had a naked bike race. Luckily we were at the beach because ewe.
I love the cardboards. I have one at the end of my FF post today.
What do you think of the judge line up for Idol?

Unknown said...

I agree with Tracy. Try watching Portlandia. It's funny. I am more than ready for menopause. I wrote about it today, or the lack of thereof, actually.

Keetha Broyles said...

I too hope your daughter keeps her spirit, and the rest of her, clothed.

I've seen videos of cardboard testimonies and they choked me up too.

Unknown said...

LOL about hiking with your sister! I'm just starting to get hot flashes. Not liking it. At.all. Have a great weekend.

StarTraci said...

Portland really is a cool town and I doubt your daughter will choose to be any type of Naked girl. I must say that biking naked does NOT sound comfortable!
I have not heard of the cardboard testimonial but anything that speaks to your heart is a good thing.
Enjoy your tubing -- I am jealous!
Your mom is lovely!

Mrs4444 said...

I truly enjoyed your fragments, probably beause we are both in the same place in life. I'm hoping my menopause symptoms are over, as the only ones I had were two panic attacks (and my period stopping, which is nice. Sorry for the TMI, but it's not like no one knows what happens during menopause,haha.

Unknown said...

I use to visit Portland often, but can't say I ever saw naked people. That little trailer is very cute. Your trip sounds like it will be lots of fun, well all but the

nancygrayce said...

Oh, dear.....I have family in Oregon.....hope none of them are naked lady!!! But I wouldn't be surprised!

I love your cartoons! I also love those cardboard testimonies. And your little trailer pics,,