Thursday, November 20, 2014


I love Haiku. It says so much with so little. Every single word counts. I especially love Peyton over at Suburban Haiku because she is the queen of saying volumes with a few words. And the result is hilarious.

So she's my inspiration for taking on this topic from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop this week: Write a Haiku about what you see out your window. I couldn't stop at 1 haiku though - I wrote 4.

Those aren't Tootsie Rolls
lying on the balcony.
Bad, lazy doggies.

I see the mountains.
Wish I were there camping out.
Where is my trailer??

"Next weekend," he says,
as I view our jungly yard.
I won't hold my breath.


I like our feeder
but bird seed = bird poop.
 I might rethink it.

Oh, these are fun. Every person, pet, and issue in my household is now fair game for Loriburban Haiku. That's haiku written while I'm drinking bourbon. Or...drinking anything alcoholic.

Try it yourself (the Haiku, not the bourbon. Although...) then go over to Mama Kat's place and link up!



carol daniels said...

fun Haiku's. They sound like a jingle when you read them. And, I agree, so addicting!

Lana said...

Both of these made me so happy!

Unknown said...

These were great! I think you have a future in Haikus (and bird feeder cleaning)! ;D

KatBouska said...

These are great! And I'm loving the tootsie roll dog visual even if they are naughty. ;)