Thursday, December 11, 2014

Back to Those Fraggin' Friday Fragments

It's been a few weeks since I wrote a Friday Frag post, but I'm hoping to get back in the fraggin' saddle.

But first...a friday happy dance!

Those Peanuts dudes sure knew how to party!

Frag #1
I'm doing quite a bit of online Christmas shopping this year because's kind of a no-brainer. No crowds to deal with, huge selection, and I can shop in my pajamas. Of course, to some that last one is not an obstacle.
Woman in public shopping in pajamas and curlers
Anyhoo, my only problem with online shopping is I think I spend more. For instance, I get a coupon for $10 off if I spend $30, but maybe the item I want is $24.99 and even with tax, it's under $30. So I buy something else.

Then after I hit the big fat "Check-out" button, up pops a message that if I spend $10 more I'll get free shipping. Since shipping is about $10, I figure it's like getting something for free anyway, so I buy something else.

So for the $24.99 item, I've now spent $80 because I can never just buy something that's $10. It's always $15 or $20. Do that on 5 or 6 sites in a day and see my problem.

Is it just me or is anyone else suckered in with this gimmick?

Frag #2
I added a new comment system to my blog. I went with Intense Debate with the Comment Luv plug in. I wanted something where I could respond to a comment by email and the response will post on my blog and get sent to the commenter by email. It was a little nervous putting in a new system because I've tried others that just didn't work. Hope this one does. If anything goes awry while you're commenting, please let me know.

Frag #3
Every year at our work Christmas party we do a white elephant gift exchange. This is the present I'm bringing this year:
Funny Fanny Farting Bank from Amazon - the perfect white elephant Christmas gift! Your welcome from Tiny Little Reveries.
It makes...err...a distinctive explosive sound when you put a coin in. It farts, ok?

Yup, one of my co-workers will be the lucky recipient of a Funny Fanny Farting Bank and a roll of quarters. 

In case you're interested, according to Amazon it was frequently purchased with the Generic Weener Kleener soap and the Obama toilet paper.

Frag #4
Want to see something that has made me very happy this week?

Hang a jewelry organizer on the wall of your closet to keep your jewelry organized.
It's so organized and pretty!
I now have a little spot in my closet just for my jewelry. My long necklaces were all shoved together in my jewelry box and it was hard to find what I wanted in the morning when I'm hurriedly getting ready for work. Plus they were always getting stuck in the jewelry box door because they were too long.

I know. First world problems.

So I bought these hanging jewelry organizers and hung everything on them I have to tell you - they just make me smile. If I've had a bad day, I only have to go in my closet and gaze at my pretty little jewelry spot to get an immediate pick-me-up. 

I bought a little key holder to hang more bracelets on too. I should have had my hubby hang it though because I used nails that were too long without realizing it came with two nice little nails in a package on the back of it.

Oh well. I can hang rings from the nails, right?

Here's a little tip for you - watch out for Christmas tree lights with bulbs that broke off and left exposed wires.

Those suckers will shock the knickers off you! I was decorating my little Victorian tree (picture coming in another post) and my hand just brushed the broken bulb slightly and YOWZA!

I felt like the electrocuted cat in Christmas Vacation.

Christmas Vacation movie electrocuted cat scene. You get almost the same result if you touch a broken Christmas light with the wires exposed. Just FYI.
That's it for my silly frags this week. After reading this over I feel extremely shallow. With all the important things going on in the world, I couldn't come up with more important issues to write about than a fart bank, my too much jewelry problem and that I shocked my finger?

Oh well. I'll think about that later. Hope you have a fantastic weekend! And thanks to Mrs.4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time for hosting Friday Fragments every fraggin' week! Pay her a visit and link up your own frags some time.


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