Monday, January 25, 2016

Lazy Wives and Honey-Doing Husbands

Last weekend my sister and I drove to California to see my mom. Monday happened to be her 76th birthday, so we were excited to spend her birthday with her.

My hubby wasn't near as excited to have me gone for 3 days. As much as he hates chores, you'd think he'd be doing back flips when I go out of town because that means my Wifeinator vision isn't honing in on some project for him to do around the house or yard.

But no, he always misses me when I leave, which is very sweet.

So I did what any good wife who is leaving for 3 days would do for her sweet husband who is going to miss her.

I gave him a Honey-Do list.

Whiteboard in the kitchen is a genius idea for honey dos, grocery lists, menus and whatever else.
Fred's Honey-Do list complete with a brilliant poem

If I were any kind of respectable blogger I would have taken a picture of the list before I left for my trip and before he had crossed off 3 of the chores. But, well, it's me, so...

But more importantly, those crossed off chores aren't crossed off because he didn't feel like doing them. Nope.


Captain Kirk shocked
The hubs will be less annoyed with me since there's a picture of Captain Kirk in the post.

Anyhoo, back to the road trip.

Aside from the fact that we bicker like kids about the temperature in the car, I like taking road trips with my sister. I made a playlist for us that included Neil Diamond's Forever in Blue Jeans and a bunch of Simon and Garfunkel for old time's sake because our mom listened to them when we were young. Then to get our girl groove on, it was TLC's No Scrubs, Miranda Lambert's Mama's Broken Heart, and Bounce by Sarah Conner, among others.

Roadtrips with your sister are the best
How I captured this with absolutely no cars on busy Highway 15, I have no idea.
We had a lovely, lazy visit with my mom and stepdad. They're retired, so this post from a few years ago pretty much sums up every visit.

Except this time, mom had a birthday, so we took her to see the movie Joy, then to her favorite Thai restaurant.

While we were waiting for our food, I asked mom what was the most important lesson she's learned in her life thus far. She didn't hesitate. "To love," she said simply. Poignant words from a woman who didn't find her true love until she was 67.

Then we asked everyone at the table the same question.

Her husband said, "To trust people."

Their friend who is 85 said, "Always be positive."

My sister said, "Be patient."

I said, "Don't judge."

Good words to live by, I say.

Notes to self on corkboard
A summation of 327 years of life experience.
Mom's 76th birthday
My beautiful mom is on the right in the snappy stripes.
You ever notice though, no matter how old you get, you still revert to a kid around your mom? I was trying to help in the kitchen and ended up making messes left and right. When I wasn't making messes, I was coloring with the Colorify app (which I just discovered) on my iPad, and of course had to show my mommy what I made.

It made me laugh, so I made a comic about it. (To make it bigger, click on the square with 4 arrows on the lower right. Click it again to return to normal size.)

While I was reliving my childhood, Mr. Wonderful was holding down the fort at home with the dogs, his chores, and the "mess" I made at home before I left.

We left on a Saturday, so as per the usual, on Friday night I had a couple bottles glasses of wine. Wine makes me snacky so I made some popcorn and apparently didn't clean up my debaucherous (and this is now a word, I've decided) mess before I hit the road. He sent me this text:

Mr. Wonderful sends me texts about the messes I leave at home

He really does crack me up.

All good things must come to an end, as they say, and so did my lazy fun. My sister and I headed home.

Train on Highway 15. I love the things you see on roadtrips.
Saw a train on our way home. I asked my sister how many hobos did she think were on it and she told me I watch too much T.V.
Fred and the doggies we're happy to see me and I was happy to have clean floors. And a funny hubby.


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