Monday, November 4, 2019

White Walkers in Jaunty Hats

I'm at that stage in my big Gray Hair Grow-out (or as Fred likes to call it, The White Walker Attack), where my hair is beginning to look pretty shitty.

I have about an inch of gray up there, so I decided it's time for the hat phase of this whole operation.

I'm really glad for the cold weather because wearing a hat in cold weather is perfectly acceptable. Yeah, I know - it's acceptable in any weather, but I've never been a hat person.

Only when I'm camping do I wear a hat all the time. And maybe for sun protection when I take a walk, I'll throw on a baseball cap or something, but to just wear a hat as part of an outfit...not so much.

But's definitely time for a hat to hide these hideous white walkers. So Saturday night I told my husband I was going hat shopping with my sister the next day.

"What kind of hat?" he asked.

"A jaunty one," I replied.

"Jaunty? Like a 1940's gangster?"

"No, less bolero and more cap." Actually I wasn't sure what a "jaunty hat" looked like, so I did the Google.

Hey! It's an Andy Capp cap.

Okay, yeah, that's kind of what I had in mind. Then I scrolled a little further down in the Google results and saw the Urban Dictionary definition of a "jaunty hat".

Fashionistas, celebrities, and HOBOS??

You don't see too many fashionista hobos out there. Now, celebrity hobos...that's a different story. I could name a few:

Actually, nevermind. I Googled "celebrities who became hobos" and most of their situations are due to addiction or mental illness and it's quite sad and I won't make them the butt of my joke.

Just know they exist. But I'm not sure if any of them are hat-wearers. Margot Kidder maybe. I could see her sportin' a stylish cap.

Anyhoo...I didn't actually click the Urban Dictionary link to see who else wears jaunty hats at a cheeky angle, panache-ly. But I'm sure "women hiding their white walkers" is mentioned.

I kind of dig the crocheted hat in the Etsy result, only in a different color. But you have to place those at just the right cheeky angle, or they stand straight up on your head and you look ridiculous.

Scrolling a little further (but surprisingly, still on the first page of Google) I found this:

I better change my Tinder pic pronto.

So I guess jaunty hats aren't as admired as one might think. Still...I'm willing to risk the popularity of my Tinder profile in order to hide my white walkers.

The end result of my Google search and bedtime jaunty hat conversation with Fred was that I would go hat shopping with my sister.

And I did, on Sunday. I didn't find a huge selection of hats at the three stores we went to, but I ended up buying a cap-style hat at Target that was jaunty enough, I think. Although after seeing it, Fred says his new nickname for me is Comrade.

I call this "Jautylicious." But very tongue-in-cheekily.
Today I got dressed all cute (with boots and everything), donned my jaunty hat (see above picture), and lunched with a new friend so we could plan a fundraiser. 

I'm like Lady Grantham now.

So that was my weekend (mostly) and today. I'll fill you in later on the fundraiser thing and any other highfalutin activities in which I partake.


P.S. I feel like I need to throw this in here so a person Googling "white walkers in jaunty hats" won't be disappointed.

So there you go.

P.S.S. Also, if you don't watch Game of Thrones, White Walkers are undead people that live in the cold. Or something like that.


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