Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A Riveting Tale of Our Weekend

How was your weekend?

Ours was quite boring by most people's standards, but I was perfectly happy with it and I'm going to tell you about it because really, nothing else is going on over here.

We took the dogs for a walk and saw colorful, happy messages on the sidewalk, which I loved.
Then as we passed by the house on the corner, where the prettiest rose bushes are, I noticed an empty plastic pot laying half in the yard and half on the sidewalk.

It was the kind a nursery plant comes in and the roses looked freshly planted so I figured it was a discarded pot and they just missed it in their post-planting clean-up.

I picked it up to take it and Fred said I shouldn't because what if they wanted it and it was still partly in their yard so it was theirs. He had a point. I mean, I hadn't met these neighbors before, and I didn't want them to think we were pot-stealers.

So I knocked on the door to ask if they minded if I took the pot. The lady who answered didn't mind at all and in fact, asked if I would like some aloe vera plants because she had too many.

Well of course I did. She ended up giving me two large aloe plants and I felt like I needed to offer something in return, so I asked if she had hand sanitizer and she said she was running out and couldn't find any.

I told her I could make her some, since I had finally gotten ahold of some 70% alcohol. She gave me her empty sanitizer bottle and I went home and filled it up with homemade sanitizer and brought it back to her and now I have a friend on the corner named Hilda.

I really hope our dogs never poop in her yard.

This past Christmas, I told Fred all I wanted was a game that he would actually play with me. I like card games and he doesn't, but he's expressed interest in board games so I told him to pick one out and then he has to play it with me and that's my present.

I'm very easy to please.

So he bought me a game called Carcassonne, which involves meeples and tiles with towns and roads and stuff and has rather complicated instructions. Of course, being a prior nerdy Dungeons and Dragons game player that he is, that's what he would pick.

After our walk Saturday, we finally played it for the first time. I was happy to find that it was not that complicated and dare I say, it was even fun. Especially because I won.

Disclosure: He helped me. I had spatial reasoning issues and kept placing road tiles where they would dead-end into a city wall.

So that was Saturday.

On Sunday we went to a farmer's market.

We've been diligent about staying home these last couple months, but I really wanted to find some other sources for fresh vegetables and fruits, aside from the grocery store. Plus, I wanted to support local businesses and growers. We decided we would go and if it was crowded, we wouldn't go in.

Turns out it was very small which would make social distancing a little difficult, but there were only a few other people there, so we went in with masks on.

They made everyone wash their hands before entering which was great. The employees were helpful, like this little lady who helped us pick out a homemade jam.

The place was full of colorful characters.

When we were ready to check-out our helpful jam picker was attentive to our every need.

As quaint as it was though, it was a tad overpriced, as I guess a small farmer's market would have to be. I did buy some collards, a watermelon, and some carrot cake apple jam (which was delicious).

When we got home, I washed everything thoroughly and cut into the watermelon.

It was very dry and possibly poisoned with radiation.

Despite the $6 nuclear watermelon, I'll probably go back to the place later in the summer, just to visit the employees again and take in the country charm.

So that was our exciting weekend.

How was yours?


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Abby said...

Look at you, making new pandemic friends! I probably would've left that pot.
We have Carcassonne, good choice, Fred! I've played it several times and usually don't win. My family of nerdy gamers likes it.
I'm glad things like farmer's markets and such are still happening within reason.