Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snippets of Intelligence

Hubby worries about inflicting our kids on the world.  They are in their late teens, so they are just dipping their toes into the big sea of humanity and preparing to wade in.  Sometimes they make the most astute and wise statements that I think I have raised geniuses.  And then there are other times.

We were watching "Sherlock Holmes" last night and in one scene was a structure in the background.

The Girl:   Is that the Eiffel Tower? (mind you, it looked nothing like the Eiffel Tower)
       Hubby:   Eiffel Tower??  That's in Paris!
The Girl:   Where are they then?
       Hubby:   They're in ENGLAND! 
The Girl:   I thought they were in Paris.
       Hubby:   You are the exact opposite of Sherlock Holmes.
            Me:    She's Sherlock NOT Home.
        Hubby:   BUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Good one Mama!
The Girl:   Way to boost my self-esteem, mom.
               Me:   Sorry, honey, but if it's any consolation, it's probably hereditary.

Then there is the now famous "2000 year-old bread" conversation.  Well, at least it's famous at our house. 

Hubby and my 19-year old son (who we endearingly call The Boy) were talking about life.

   Hubby:   I'm happy right now.  I've done pretty much everything I've wanted to do in my life.  The only thing I would really like is to own something 2000 years old.  To have something that old, that has been touched by history, that I could hold in my hand and think about all the people over time that might have held it, would be really cool.
The Boy:   You already have something 2000 years old.
   Hubby:   I do? 
The Boy:   Bread.
   Hubby:   Bread?
The Boy:   Yeah.  They had bread 2000 years ago.

At this point, hubby stares, dumbfounded, at our son.  When he recuperates, he lunches into a lecture about thought processes and life and the world, a lecture that was so baffling to our son that the boy came to me later and said he will never again engage in a deep conversation with Hubby while the man is recovering from surgery and on pain meds.

But hubby on the other hand, is a glutton for punishment.  So he retells the story to The Girl.  The Girl's insightful response?

The Girl:  They didn't have bread 2000 years ago.

Oh, I so hope they don't drown out there.


JenJen said...

Hilarious post! My little one is much younger, but is starting to develop her sense of humor. It's pretty much the best thing that's happened to my life! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Lori! Happy SITS saturday sharefest. You were above me in blog roll. I can relate to where you are. I have 16 year old twin daughters, and they are often lost, and wise, all in a 15 minute span! It's scary!!
Drop by my blog anytime!

Janet said...

Stopping by from SITS. Your comment there caught my eye, because I'm in the same weird place where I'm not sure what my blog tribe is!

Love the stories. Makes you wonder how their thought processes work!

Deb said...

i am so glad you stopped by my place because this is the most hilarious post. and i can SO picture the whole scene (except in my mind, i have cast my two lug nuts as your son and daughter).


aladdinsane12 said...

ahaha, your kids are a riot! i am MANY years away from children, but when i do, i expect them to entertain me on a daily basis by saying ridiculous things

Unknown said...

Oh Lori that was so hysterical, I've got tears in my eyes...

JB's cookinglady said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. I have tears in my eyes that was just too cute.

Have a great evening

Susie said...

this is too funny!

I also often wonder exactly how the world is going to handle it when I inflict my kids on it! :)

Marcie J said...

Your kids will do as well as we did when we were dropped into that chasm of the unknown - we learned terribly embarassing lessons and survived to tell the tales!~m.

DaughteroftheStars said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and had to comment on your post to simply say it really did make me LOL!

Unknown said...

Moi again. Another little something for you over at my blog :)

Tracie said...

What a funny post! I tell my kids "Your genius is showing again". Of course, I'm being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

Ha! We just watched Sherlock Holmes yesterday and my daughter thought the unfinished bridge was the Eiffel Tower too!! Guess the attention span to plot and setting didn't quite go too far with her either.

Fred J said...

Kids are WHY I need to be medicated! They are also the reason my brow is permanently furrowed in consternation, and why I say words on a daily basis that most people never do, like: flabbergasted, confusticate, unfathomable, and exasperating... oh, and consternation.