Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joy of Joys! My First Blog Award!

Well, sweep the unpaid bills, open files, tax receipts, and cocktail glasses off my desk and muddle through all of that nonsense later...cause right now I have a BLOG AWARD to acknowledge!!

Actually, I had this two days ago, but couldn't get onto my poor neglected blog right then because of all of the above mentioned distractions.  Except for the cocktail glasses.  Really, I don't have any of those littering my desk.  Well, not right now. 

ANYwho, a big Tanks to Aussie Lori for bestowing this upon 'lil ole me.  It's the Honest Scrap Award, which means I get to write a list of ten random, interesting things you didn't know about me!  Yay!  I can't wait to get started!  This will be fun!  Here I go...Starting now....ten...interesting.....random......interesting....Ummm, can I get back to you?

Ok, I'll give this a try:

Random Fact #1:  My junior high school was adjacent to a golf course. (No, that's not all) While walking in the outdoor quad area, between classes, I got hit square in the chin with a golf ball.  You couldn't even see the golf course from where I was walking.  What?  It's RANDOM - what are the odds??

Random Fact #2:  When I was 10, my mom, myself and 4 other kids narrowly escaped a car fire in the middle of the night on a winding road very far from home.  A kind trucker came to our rescue.

Random fact #3:  I'm afraid of cockroaches.  I once dreamed a giant one forced me to dance with it.  I swear I'm not making that up.

Random fact #4:  I'm terrible with directions.  I can go to the same place on a weekly basis and still get lost.  I blame it on my elementary school teachers who made me stop writing with my left hand.  It confused me.

Random fact #5:  I would love to downsize and live in an RV and travel the country and blog about it.  I just have to get my husband on board.  Literally.  Cause I've never driven an RV.  

Random fact #6:  I can't stand hairbrushes lying around anywhere other than a bathroom.  All that unattached hair....It's just gross.

Random fact #7:  I like to play Sims.  If you don't know what that is, it's a computer game of virtual little families and towns that you can create and control.  I started with Sims, then came Sims2 and now
Sims3.  When my real world is a little too real for me, I retreat to Sim world.  Although since I discovered blog world, I haven't been playing as much.

Random fact #8:  My husband was in a rock band in the 80's.  In so many ways we are complete opposites, and yet are similar souls.  I'm lucky to have found him.

Random fact #9:  The first concert I ever went to was the Osmonds.  See number 8 above.

And last - THE #10 RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME IS....*drumroll*

I completely freeze up in front of a camera or microphone.
*cymbols please*

There.  I hope that wasn't too painful to read.

Now I get to share this blog award love with 7 other bloggers.  Some of you may have already gotten this, so if you don't want to acknowledge it, screw you that's totally cool. (heh, heh)  But here are my picks:

1.  365 days of dance This is my daughter.  I'm hoping this little award will encourage and inspire her.  She's a good writer.
2.  Mommy X 
3.  Sandbox Gems
4.  She Don't Make False Claims
5.  Stir Fry Awesomeness
6.  Lessons From The Monk I Married
7.  Parenting By Dummies

Now I really need to get caught up on reading and commenting.


Dumb Mom said...

Um...I always have time to accept an award! Thanks bunches! I'm really bad about following the directions involved, there were directions involved, right? I pretty much just get all caught up in the you are awesome and I love you part. You did say that, right? Anyway, I am gonna go check out your daughter's blog because I think it's cool that she has one and nice that you said she was a great writer. I've been telling my mom to write a blog for ages, but she's scared. Too much to live up to with such an A-MA-Zing kid like me:)!

Lori said...

To Parenting By Dummies - I emailed ya back, but not sure if that works, so just wanted to say thanks for checking out my lil girl's blog :-)

Unknown said...

Hey ya Lori- Wow! Your junior high was next to a golf course!!


I also love to play Sims, and am freaked out by hairbrushes. Spooky!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for the blog award! Loved hearing 10 random things about you. I can relate to getting lost--I need mapquest for getting around my own town--how sad is that? If there is a wrong turn to make, I will make it! Arggghhh!! Oh, and I have lived here for 15+ years. Sad but true. Now my car nav system is helping. We named her Lucy and she gets me where I need to go most times. If I listen to her! :-) I will check out these other awesome blogs too. Thanks for sharing and commenting!

Tracie said...

Congrats and thanks for passing it on to me!

I have a terrible sense of direction and I do home health. Very bad combo. I'm so far out in the boonies sometimes that my GPS doesn't even work.

Marcie J said...

Hi Lori - found you via Kathy at Lessons from the Monk...I like the way you write - very honest and spritely

aladdinsane12 said...

thank you so so mch for the award! i'm so incredibly flattered- for real. i will acknowledge it asap!

i'm pretty sure everyone's afraid of cockroaches, but you have taken the fear to a new level! and please tell me you don't play the sims dating one. that creeps me out.

Marissa said...

thank you mamma. I will be sure to keep up with my blogging!!
You and I are too much alike...half of those random facts apply to me as well.