Tuesday, April 20, 2010


     I got tired of my living room this weekend.  I've been thinking about it for a while now, but it just hit me all at once that I needed to change things around.  Now.  Hubby runs and hides when this happens.  He calls it Changeivitis.  I think deep down he's afraid that he might be the next changee.  He could use some color co-ordinating, but this weekend I just focused on the living room.

I changed it around so now it looks like this
Sorry, I don't have before pictures, you'll just have to trust me that it looks better.  See the Springy pitcher and greenery?

In the process I found alot of this:

Eww.  Maybe the other corner isn't as bad.


     So, I did some Spring cleaning in the process.  As you can see, it really needed it.  After I cleaned and re-arranged the living room, I cleaned the family room.  I even cleaned and vacuumed the couch, which at any given time has at least three asses and 4 dogs on it.  So it was pretty dirty.  I'll spare you pictures.

Then I added some Spring color in the Dining Room
I just feel this need to put blues and greens around my house when the weather starts getting warmer.

I added some more Spring touches here

And here

The only downside to Spring is the abundance of these:

So I weeded too.

     Then I helped my daughter clean and rearrange her room.  What the heck was wrong with me?? Changeivitis is like that though.  It just strikes out of the blue and you feel the need to make things...different.  More appealing.  Less boring.
     I don't think I'm over my Changeivitis.  I should feel very good that I had such a productive weekend and at least part of my house has been Spring cleaned, but I don't.  I want more.  I think I'm going to paint the bathroom.
     Then I got to thinking, do we change our surroundings because really we want to change something bigger in our lives, but maybe don't have the courage to do it?  Maybe we don't even know exactly what it is that needs to change, but we know it's something. 
     Or maybe it's just Spring Fever.
     Whatever the cause of Changevitis, changing things up - or around - in our lives is usually a good thing. Sitting in a rearranged room can change your perspective on things and bring about creative thinking.  Maybe if I sit in my living room for a while I'll figure out what it is about myself that I really want to change. 
     Think I'll wait till after I paint the bathroom. Why waste a perfectly good case of Changeivitis?
     What about y'all?  Does Spring cleaning make you want to Spring clean yourself?  Do you get Changeivitis and what do you do about it?


Tree said...

LOL I will definitely have to remember that...Changeivitis! We get that alot in our house too. You have a beautiful home! And we have about 10 asses (no dogs) on our two couches, so I can understand the need to clean too. tee hee

Lori said...

Thanks Tree. There's 7 of us, but I figured the law of averages works out to 3 at any given time. haha.

Marcie J said...

HAH! Love it - so thats what takes me over every once in a while - I had no clue what to call it - Changeivitis!

nice work by the way - I get changeivitis eery spring too...

aladdinsane12 said...

what a beautiful home! and you ain't NOTHIN on the cat hair in my place! my roommates have 4 cats and even though we sweep every other day, you could probably build another cat with the fur you find on the floor!

Unknown said...

Hehehe I suffer badly from changeivitis! Loving your house, btw- your coffee table is divine!!

Fred J said...

Does anybody have a blog I can hide behind when changeivitis strikes my funky redhead? Why does she have to THINK so much?

- Hubby