Friday, July 23, 2010

And then there were 5 and Some Blog Awards

Howdy bloggyworld!

I've missed you all. I'm sorry I've been scarce but job hunting has consumed me the last couple weeks. Selling yourself is exhausting and when you realize you have to put yourself on clearance to get any interest, it can be a bit disheartening. I've re-worded my resume so many times for so many jobs that I'm sick of hearing about myself.
I'm happy to say that yesterday was encouraging though. Remember the blurry email expressing interest in an interview? I finally had the interview yesterday and it went very well. They're only interviewing 5 candidates and I'll find out their decision Tuesday.
Oh, and we got our air-conditioning fixed last week, thanks to mom and step-dad!
I thought I would give some long overdue thanks and acknowledgement for some lovely blog awards bestowed upon me recently (and not so recently).
Shannon, from The Me Within and Connie from Soy Mamiymas, and Janel from This Journey Called Life, all of whom are incredibly strong, sweet, and funny gave me the Versatile Blogger award.

The funny Karen, from Muffin Fixation, who shares my weird fixation with, gave me the Beautiful Blogger award.

For all of these I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself and pass it on to blogs I enjoy that I've recently discovered. I'm going to make this short and sweet.

1.  I love camping.
2.  I have a thing for artwork featuring trees
3.  I don't make my bed
4.  I let my cat drink out of my water glass
5.  I wish I had more rooms in my house just so I could decorate them
6.  The cliche I most relate to is "Never say never"
7.  When I was a baby we lived in a trailer park.
     Aren't I just ffffascinating? *roll eyes*
     The bloggers I'm passing this on to are:
June Freaking Cleaver from Ratio of Failures
Momma Fargo from The Boogie Man is My Friend
Cheeseboy from The Blog O Cheese
Lastly, the very funny duo Kathryn and Dan from She Don't Make False Claims gave me the Your Going Places Baby award - don't ya love that name?
I'm supposed to say where I see myself in 10 years. I have simple dreams. I'd like to drive through the country in an R.V., writing about my adventures while earning residuals on an idea that I have yet to come up with. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl. I'd like to pass this one on to:


     I've missed your blogs terribly and I hope to get caught up with y'all over the weekend. Hope everyone has a relaxing one and Happy Friday!


Savira Gupta said...

Congratulations on all your awards! Hope you get the job

Diminishing Lucy said...

Hanging out to hear how you go on the job front! Very best of luck!

Diminishing Lucy said...


Unknown said...

Awww bless you Yankee Lori!!

Janet said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the interview!

Ms. Understood said...

Congrats on your awards!

aladdinsane12 said...

congrats, darlin! you deserve them! and i think that sounds like a pretty awesome 10 year plan to me :)