Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Backgrounds and Birthdays and Rednecks

Hi ya'll!

It's only been 2 weeks since I posted.  I think I'm improving.  

I changed my blog template a wee bit.  

Am I a lush because my last two posts have centered around booze and the template background I picked is a wine glass?  Maybe you better not answer that.  It's just so pretty and warm and rustic looking.  It reminds me of Tuscany.  Not that I've ever been to Tuscany but I imagine a glass of wine in front of a wall in a house in Tuscany would look like my blog background.

I debated between this one and one with falling leaves.  Now, if there had been a background with falling wine glasses, it would have been a no-brainer.  Ah, well...this is my template and I'm sticking with it...for awhile anyway.

So last night was my brother's 51st birthday.  We had to buy him something totally cool because he's such a great guy and he cooks for us.  So we bought him a deep fryer and he was completely stoked.  Guess what we had for dinner tonight?  Homemade chili fries.  Guess what were having tomorrow night?  Chicken fingers, fried zucchini, and onion rings. 

Our diet now consists of nothing but barfood.  I've created a monster.  A monster who wears a sparkly apron featuring parrots in a margarita glass saying, "What happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen." 

Yes, he really wears that - our mom bought it for him.

Speaking of bars, we all went to a little neighborhood bar and grill for his birthday, which really tickled him because he never did much for his birthday before.  I gave him the second gift we bought him - a tee shirt that was so HIM it screamed his name from the catalog.  It was black and emblazoned in white letters it said, "In dog beers I've only had 2."

Now I have to tell you the truth about me and my family.  My trailer park roots every once in a while come clawing to the surface.  Ok, more than once in a while.  My brother liked the tee shirt so much that he changed into it at the restaurant.

At the table.

Yup, you might be a redneck if you change into your dog beers tee shirt that you got for your birthday in the middle of the Sack 'O Suds.

And now you know the ugly truth about us.  That's who we are.

I'll be catching up on blog reading over the next couple evenings, so I'll be visiting everyone soon, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Great gift Lori! My hubs would LOVE a deep fryer for his birthday, Christmas, whenever! He would be in chicken wing overload watching football games. So, you might be a redneck if you change your shirt in the middle of a restaurant, huh? Love that.
I like your new blog look. I noticed my button is screwed up so I am off to look into what is wrong with it. You know my blog skills are zero so I'll see what I can do.

Tree said...

I found ya'll.... my long lost relatives! LOL You gotta sport the new tee wherever you happen to be. ;) Fried bar food sounds yummy to me. Oh, and I LOVE the new blog look...very classy.