Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just A Second

I never really thought about how long a second is. It's just a snippet of time. One snippet, too short in which to accomplish anything of value. If you put several together then you had something to work with - 15 of them, or 30 of them. But just one - what can you do with just one? It's like a drop of water. What do you do with one drop of water?

Then I got this newsletter at work from an ink cartridge company (I know it sounds totally boring, but they always have good links in it) and they had a link to a video comprised of 60 1-second videos. Montblanc, a  company that makes watches, is sponsoring a contest of 1 second videos and they compiled 60 of the entries into one video.

I watched it and was struck by how much can be conveyed in 1 second. Beauty, hope, joy, pain - it just takes one second of looking to see it.

I was just thinking that maybe I skip the seconds in life and only look at the moments. I think I miss a lot by doing that. This year I resolve to see the seconds of life. Click here to take a look at the video.

Here's to Seconds.


Anonymous said...

This was pretty cool--so much conveyed in a second sometimes. Glad you're back blogging! Happy New Year!

Tracie said...

I had a post in my drafts about the power of 15 minutes and all you can accomplish in that period of time. (Too bad my hard drive died or I'd actually post it.) I never really thought about the impact of a second though. Interesting...