Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Slap A Sticky on it Tuesday!

Only Parent Chronicles

It's Slap A Sticky Tuesday!
Aaaand here we go:

Make your own sticky notes here and go on over here, and link up your bad self!


Your Doctor's Wife said...

Oh, NO!!! No pooping in the closet!!!!! I'd banish my dog to the yard all day long!
Cleaning? Who likes to clean? Not my teens, that's for sure!

Janet said...

LOL, don't poop in the closet, whatever else you do. Thanks for the kind comment on my post. I know I've been terrible about reading and commenting, so I'm glad to know anybody is still reading.

KristinFilut said...

Amen to slowing down and enjoying life!!!

Anonymous said...

Hubby's Note: when my Tiny Little Referee adds "pick up dog poops in back yard" to my Honey-Defer list, I always make sure to toss a couple of choice samples in her closet. It makes me feel better and keeps the doggie's lives interesting.

Hubby out!