Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why You Should Get Some Swap Meet Hair Too

I went to the indoor swap meet this weekend. I love the indoor swap meet.

It's my go-to place for any cell phone cases or accessories because it's a whole lot cheaper than the AT&T store or Best Buy or even Wal-Mart.

It's my go-to place for Bamboo, which appears to be the only plant I don't kill. Just stick 'em in some water with some rocks, keep them away from the cat (who drinks the water and chews on the leaves, which I'm pretty sure is not good for the plant), remember to to refill the water every couple days, and it's happy.

And it's my go-to place for clip-on hair.

I fit right in in the trailer park, don't I?

Tips to wearing Clip-on hairpieces for women
Seriously, if you haven't tried clip-on hair, you just have to get yourself one and try it. They come in all colors, styles and lengths. The kind I like are straight on one side, then you flip them over and they're curly.

Clip-on hairpiece can be worn two ways, curly or straight

They're really just like a full or curly ponytail. Only you don't have to curl or fluff. With my fine, straight hair, I could fluff my brains out and never have the volume of the one on the left. (And I shudder to think what kind of pervs will google "fluff my brains out" and find their way to my blog).

Anyway, back to my swap meet hair. The point is, don't knock it. My sister and I each bought long ones a few years ago and wore them when we went out to a show on the strip with my husband. We were all dolled up, with our swap meet hair, flanking my husband as we strolled through the casino. A guy walked past us and said, "Lucky guy!" to my husband.

In our minds, my sister and I were all:

In reality we may have been:

No really, they look good.

Here's what I love about swap meet hair:

1. My hair can look good even on a no-wash day. Just stick it in a ponytail, pin the sides in, clip it on, brush my bangs and I'm done. Look out world, me and my big hair are takin' ya down.

2. They're under $20 a piece at the swap meet, so they don't cut into the travel trailer savings.

3. They come in different shades so if I change my hair color to cover the gray (as I've been known to do a time or two) I can usually find one to match.

4. They come in different lengths and styles so it's easy to find one that works for most women.

If you decide to run out to your local swap meet and get some, here's a few tips:

1. Be careful to match the color as close as you can to your own hair. The lighting isn't always the best in the store and when you get outside in the sunlight it could look like a completely different color. Try to get one with some highlights in it. That way as long as one of the highlight colors matches your hair, it will work.

2. Don't clip it too high or too low on your head. You want it to look like a fluffy ponytail, not like a raccoon is crawling on your head.

3. Pin your hair up so your real hair doesn't poke out of sides of the ponytail. Or if you put your hair in a ponytail, bobby pin the sides so they stay put under the clip.

Here's how it looks on:

Back of curly hairpiece

The bra strap really adds to the whole swap-meet-hair-trailer-park look I'm rockin', don't you think?

Here's a look from the side:

Side of curly clip on hairpiece

See what I mean about the fluffy ponytail look? I clipped it on quickly, so my hair's messy in the front, but you get the idea. I actually need to get a different color because this one looked right in the store but in the sunlight you can see that it doesn't have enough red in it for my hair color.

So next time you're at the swap meet, stop in at the clip on hair booth and get you some swap meet hair. You're gonna love it!



Lana said...

Okay, fun and really cute. I want some. I don't think we have any swap meets around here, but I bet I could find it somewhere else.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Pretty cute!

Fred J said...

Sometimes I think you and your sister are out of your fluffing minds... but what the fluff can you do?