Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ridonkulous Friday Frags


Happy Dance!

Or...spazz out until you pass out dance. Whatever fits. 

Anyhoo, it's Friday Frag day when I can write about the bits and pieces of the week and not feel guilty that they're short and random. Cause that's what fragments are.

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Frag #1 
My youngest, The Girl, had a scare Wednesday night. She works as a busser at a mountain lodge about 40 minutes from my house. She was driving home last night and hit a donkey.

Wild donkeys roam around up there and the roads are very dark at night and she didn't see him until she was right up on him. She's fine, but he did some pretty good damage to the car:

My poor daughter was pretty shook up. I stayed on the phone with her until her dad and highway patrol got there. She said she could hear the donkey stumbling around in the dark and was scared to death he would charge her or something. And her flashlight was dead, so she couldn't see anything.

When the highway patrol got there they said she was very fortunate because many times the donkey goes through the windshield and lands in the driver's lap, either breaking legs or smothering the driver. Can you imagine? 

This was enough to convince my daughter to quit. I can't say I blame her. She's only worked there 2 weeks and in that time has run over a deer and killed a donkey. I think she needs to stay away from wildlife for a while.

The donkey died not long after she hit him, by the way. Poor thing.

Well that's a humdinger of a story to start this Friday party with, ain't it?

Can you say - Debbie Downer?

My frags aren't all like this, I promise.

Frag #2
My sister was coloring my hair this week in her hot little bathroom because she keeps her house at 85 in the summer because she hasn't started menopause yet. So of course, I was sweating like a pig. She brushes my forehead with her hand as she's pulling my hair back and says, "Ewww, you're gooey!"

Have I mentioned how much I look forward to her going through menopause? I seriously can't. freakin'. wait.

Frag #3
Speaking of sisters and hair, I bought some swap meet hair last weekend with my sister and wrote a post about it. I actually wrote 3 posts this week, which is pretty good for inconsistent bloggy girl. One of the topics for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop was to share a quote you love. I couldn't resist that one, so I wrote a post about one of my favorite quotes

Frag #4
I've seen the cutest decorating ideas for Halloween on Pinterest. Check out these easy Do-It-Yourself projects that would be great for a Halloween Party. Luminaries made out of milk jugs and creepy toilet paper hands! I'm sharing them at the end of the post because they look all wonky if I put any words after them. I hate HTML code.

That's it for my frags. Hope you have a ridonkulous weekend!

Gooey-ly yours,


Cathy said...

Love both of those Halloween Pinterest ideas, especially the gloves!!

retired not tired said...

Love the gloves for Halloween. We only decorate the outside of the house.

Joanna Jenkins said...

A DONKEY!!! OMGosh! How very scary for your daughter. So glad she is okay. And, I'd quit too.
Happy Friday Fragments

Lana said...

Wow - who knew a donkey could cause so much damage? So glad your daughter is okay, poor thing. I don't blame her for quitting. I can't wait for my sister to start menopause either (ha ha...evil laugh :)! Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

Those gifs are hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh!
Wild donkeys??? I had no idea there was such a thing. Thank goodness your daughter is okay, but it must have been really scary for her.

Karen and Gerard said...

That must have been extremely scary for your daughter to make her quit her job after just two weeks. I think she made the right decision though. Glad she didn't get hurt!

Mrs.AOK said...

I'm not sure if my comment went through....

I'm glad your daughter is okay! I would've been SO scared, and yes, I would've quit too.
I love the toilet paper hands, I now have something to with our gloves we brought from IL here to sunny/rainy SC ;) Thanks!

Rachel said...

Oh man, how terrifying for your daughter, to hit a donkey! Glad she's okay!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Eek, I'm so glad your daughter is okay! Scary!