Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Adventure Baby Turns 23

23 years ago, in the middle of the grocery store, my labor pains began.

Many...many...many hours later, at 2:38 in the morning, I held my beautiful girl for the first time.

It felt like I'd known her forever.

She was an intuitive child, even in the womb. When I was upset, I could feel her restless and upset too. When I was calm and happy, so was she. She was the same way as a baby. Always in tune to how her mama was feeling.

She loved to dance since about 3 years old.

She's lit up my world since the day she was born and I'm so proud of her.

Happy Birthday, Sissa!

I'm proud of your adventurous spirit, your empathetic heart, and your hippie soul.
Continue to be who you are and be a bright light in this world.

Love you and miss you,


Lana said...

Beautiful post - love the pictures! Happy Birthday to your daughter :)!

Mrs4444 said...

Beautiful...Happy Birthday! :)