Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Okay to Be Real On A Tuesday

Tuesday means I get to name some of the dumb lazy things I do and declare them okay because it's "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday." And this Tuesday I'm adding in a little something I call "getting real on Tuesday."

No, that's not a thing, but it so happens that all the things I'm sharing come with pictures and the pictures ain't pretty but they're real. Except for maybe the one of my dog. She's kind of cute.

Anyhoo, link up with Amber over at Airing My Dirty Laundry and share your "It's Okays" and join the fun. You don't have to get real if you don't want to. That's just me cause that's my mood tonight.

Airing My Dirty Laundry

It's okay to let your office-craft-writing-space-atorium be messy while you blog because if you took the time to clean it up, you wouldn't have time to write. And if you don't write, you go a little crazy. It's a simple matter of priorities.

Now for the "Getting Real" part:

I don't clean so I can blog. My messy office.

I warned you it wasn't pretty.

It's okay to let your clean laundry sit from Sunday to Tuesday Wednesday. My brother's birthday was Sunday, so I stashed all the laundry up in my room in order to enjoy the birthday drinking festivities. Monday was work all day of course, then Monday night I'm writing this post so...the laundry sits. 

Maybe I'll get it put away tomorrow. Or maybe not. 

Sometimes I let my housework go so I can blog

It's okay to put Halloween costumes on your dogs. It might not be okay with the dogs, however.

My chihuahua, Lucy, let me put this hamburger costume on her

And finally, it's okay to share the results of your neurotic eye cream test with the world. At least 3 curious readers asked in the comments whether my eye cream test worked from my last "It's Okay" post, so I thought I'd post the results here.

I could have swore I still had the before and after pics, but I must have deleted them. Bugger. I wanted to show you the difference.

You'll just have to trust me that the end result was that the cream worked!

I looked less like a wrinkled, menopausal, sleep-deprived lush than I did two weeks prior. 

Sounds like a winning ad campaign to me.

Olay eye lifting serum worked on my eye wrinkles
Olay Regenerating Eye Lifting Serum
I liked that I could put this cream on my eyelids as well as under my eyes. At night I put it on my lids and all around my eyes and in the morning I just put it under and on the corner "laugh lines" (dubbed such because if you were told at age 20 that you would eventually get these, you laughed. Oh, the sweet, ignorant bliss of youth.).



AiringMyLaundry said...

LOVE the hamburger costume.

My laundry is still sitting around too. I need to fold it. And put it away.

Shaunacey Bonneville said...

I LOVE this post! My office is much the same and I don't even write in there. I stockpile craft supplies and then never craft :$

Suburban Correspondent said...

I need to get me some of that cream.

Kimberly said...

Oh man...my computer in the office broke so now I'm the blogging gypsy. I take my laptop and the mess everywhere with me. Which doubles the cleaning...
I blame the kid.
And your dog? I die. We dressed mine up as Eeyore last year. He loved it not so much.
PS. You scrapbook?! Me too!

Mrs4444 said...

i really loved the tone of this post; it made me smile. I literally put a Halloween sweater on Milo and took his photo tonight; stay tuned. I always wonder if eye creams like that work. Maybe I will finally buy one, now; thanks.