Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

Linking up with Amber at Airing My Dirty Laundry today for her "Hey, It's Okay, Tuesday" meme. You know, like they do in Glamour magazine where they list a bunch of stuff and declare that they are all okay to do?

No? That's okay (see how easy that is?). Just list some stuff you did and declare it okay and get on with your life. And link up and share so we can all see how weird you are and feel like we belong.

Airing My Dirty Laundry

It's Okay...

...to buy a new eye cream promising results in 2 weeks and take a close up picture of your eyes with no makeup the day you start using the cream and another one two weeks later to see if it's working. That's perfectly normal and not neurotic or spazztic at all.

...to spend a rainy day off work doing nothing but pinning Fall and Halloween decorating ideas on Pinterest, downloading photo editing apps for your iPhone, catching up on blog reading, and procrastinating running your errands. In my defense, I was waiting for the rain to let up. It was a pretty steady drizzle.

...to return a lipstick that looked like a good color in the store, but you later realized after wearing it at work all day, was hideous on you. Here's what that looks like when you look in the mirror:

Why don't drugstores have samples for crying out loud??

...to do a half-assed job mopping your floor because, damn it, you just don't feel like it!

...to decide you're going to have a Thanksgiving tree this year because the ones you see on Pinterest are so darn cute and you're pretty certain you can put one together with dollar store stuff and the holidays aren't busy enough without adding one more thing to decorate to the list. Look how friggin' cute this is - now I have to run out and buy pie slice ornaments. (photo is at the end of this post because I haven't figured out how to make the code put the darn thing where I want it).

...to post really short blog posts once in a while because A. - you're hungry and B - you've procrastinated your exercises long enough and even though you don't feel like doing them you know you really need to get your desperately-in-need-of-exercise-butt off the computer and go do them.

Wrinkled, hideous and a Thanksweenie,


~Niki~ said...

just found you thru the link up tues. :) I added your button to my blog. I have a button if you want to do the same. if not, no worries.

Melissa Hopper said...

I am more than likely to read the shorter posts than the long ones so go you!! As far as mopping your floor because you dont want to do it. Sound like me. If I dont feel like it will delegate it to you my teenager lol!! Mean mom right?


AiringMyLaundry said...

That is a cute tree! I'm too lazy to make one though.

And if that eye cream does work, please let me know ;)

Lana said...

Apparently I'm not spending enough time on Pinterest because I haven't seen Thanksgiving trees. I love it! Did your eye cream work? Because I can't find one that works :)!

lil desiqua said...

Did the cream work? Also, that sounds like a perfectly acceptable way to spend a rainy day! Happy weekend!