Thursday, February 11, 2016

Five Willy Nilly Friday Fragments

What better way to celebrate Friday then to share some Friday fragments with y'all? Five, to be exact, because I'm linking up with Five on Friday and Willy Nilly Friday, as well as my old favorite Friday Fragments this week. Hence, the post title.

1. The Adventures of Dog Walking

Walking the dogs

I've been trying to walk my dogs everyday and I'm not sure who's taking who for a walk. First, getting out the door is like a scene from Laurel and Hardy, with all three of them trying to squeeze through the  screen door at the same time. They all go tumbling out, dragging me behind them.

Then there's the fun of getting their leashes all tangled up. I'm constantly twirling around as we're walking, trying to unwrap myself. As if the neighbors don't think we're weird enough.

And finally, there's the fun of carrying a bag of dog poo with me because at least one (and usually more) of them has to do their biznus in someone else's yard and I get to scoop it up and carry it home. Gives a whole new meaning to the word "doggie bag."

2. Clever Hubby

I told my husband to tuck something on a shelf. He asked if I was telling him to go tuck his shelf.

This was a real conversation between me and Fred. He just cracks me up.

3. Poor Dead Kitty

Ashes of our kitty, Clifford.

I picked up Clifford's ashes last week. I was okay until I saw the little tuft of fur they give you. Dang, it's hard to lose a pet. I added his little box of ashes to the others that went before him. We have a whole dead animal shelf going on. With four dogs yet to go, I'm going to have to start stacking them up like Jenga.

4. Manicotti

Manicotti dinner, my husband's favorite. The perfect Valentine's dinner.

We're not ones to celebrate Valentine's Day. We just never have. However, Mr. Wonderful loves manicotti and I made it for him for the first time a few weeks ago and he's been talking about it ever since. So that's our plan for Valentine's Day. I'll make him his favorite meal, drink lots of wine, and we'll have our own little love-fest at home with the doggies. And that's fine by me.

5. Again with the Hubby

I go with Fred to the doctor because, well...he's male. Men just don't ask all the pertinent questions to get the full story about anything, including their health. His doctor must have sensed that because now she directs all her questions to me like he's not even in the room. Fred and I joke about it, but I had to make a comic so you can fully appreciate the humor of it. (Click the 4-arrow thingy in the lower right corner to see the whole thing. You may have to click and drag the top row to see the third panel).

If you've got five somethings to say then link on up to Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday (I love saying Willy Nilly) or Amy's Five on Friday  or my old favorite, Friday Fragments.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day!


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