Thursday, August 3, 2017

Six memorable summer moments I didn't blog about

This is the opposite of a rough summer.
It's been a rough summer for me. Recouping from my surgery is harder than I thought, then (and I haven't told you this yet) I had a coughing fit about 10 days after the surgery, and fractured a vertebrae in my lumbar spine.

A post about that is forthcoming, but the point is...rough summer.

But I always manage to laugh stuff off best I can, because what else are you gonna do?

 So I'm linking up to Mama Kat's Writer Workshop this week for the prompt: List your top six favorite summer moments so far. Only, these are more just memorable moments from this summer, that I meant to blog about, but didn't.

1.  Memories

My uncle texted me a picture of myself when I was around 12 or 13, that I hadn't seen in a long time.

This was my attempt at Farrah Fawcett hair
My sister said I looked like a member of the Manson family. Thanks, sis. Also, she's kind of right.

Lordy, I remember those glasses. They were photo-something lenses that darkened in the sun and lightened indoors. They seemed like a brilliant idea when I got them, but in P.E. class, when I was outside for a long time, they turned really dark and I always looked like a fly face. Ah, the memories.

2.  Aliens

In May (that's summer, right? sort of?), my brother and I drove to Roswell, New Mexico, for my niece's graduation. Everything about that place is quirky. Of course, we had to visit the alien museum. The highlight of which, was this:

3.  Incidents and Accidents

On the last day of May, I had my surgery, and although surgery is...well, it's surgery... there were some funny moments (I wrote about some of them here). It just so happens that my son broke his hand a few days before my surgery, so here's what it looked like when he came to visit me in the hospital:

We're pretty smiley, for a couple of injured folks.

We look like an ad for an injury attorney.

4. Annie Aged-ly 

A few weeks after my surgery, my sister and I drove to my mom's for a visit. Mom and her husband are always at war with the squirrels in their garden. I went in the kitchen one morning for coffee, and saw this:

Mom doesn't care for varmints.
It kind of shakes you up when you always thought of your mom as an animal lover, then you see a sight like that. I stay out of her garden now, though.

5.  Sibling Love

Both my girls are world travelers these days, so when they are back home at the same time, it warms my heart. I thought I would capture a tender moment of them taking a nap together, but apparently, only one was actually asleep. Just as I snapped the picture, this happened:

6.  It's my birthday and I'll wear a brace if I want to 

So, my birthday was in July and despite the neck brace and back fracture, it wasn't too bad. First, I got some free makeup from Ulta:

Then I treated my Flintstone feet to a pedicure:

My dog is ecstatic, as you can see.
And finally, dinner with the fam at the place that makes my favorite cocktail:

Italian margarita at Olive Garden - yummm! Also, their alfredo sauce is the bomb!
So there you have it - six memorable moments of my summer. Riveting, I know.

How about you? Any memorable moments this summer to share?

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