Tuesday, October 8, 2019

I'm Back and I'm Going Gray

There better be some F-ing coffee 
Well hey. Haven't done this in a really long time.

Some shit happened in my personal life and I just didn't feel like blogging anymore. That was like...two years ago.

Things have been better for a while now and I've thought of all kinds of things to tell you and all kinds of stuff has happened worth writing about, but procrastinator that I am...here we are two years later.

Anyhoo, I'm just gonna start by telling you about my latest decision.

I'm letting my gray hair grow out.

I started graying early and I've been coloring my hair for thirty years to cover it up and I'm tired of it. I'm done.

I last colored it Saturday, September 7th and as I'm painting on the color, the fumes are making me cough and I thought, "hey, this can't be good for my lungs." Nevertheless, I finished the application and while the color was sitting on my hair, I Googled "how to transition to gray hair" and let me tell you, there is no shortage of opinions on the topic.

It seems that for anyone who has done it, at any age, it's a traumatic experience. Some women do low-lights or high-lights to sort of blend it a little as it's growing out, but they complained it was damaging to their hair and really just prolonged the process.

I've opted for the bite-the-bullet-and-just-do-it method, combined with a short haircut and a hat through the worst of it.

Fortunately, cold weather is coming so a hat is perfectly acceptable and I won't sweat my brains out under one. Because menopause.

I've just begun the process, so I have less than a half inch of gray right now and already I'm questioning my choice. But there's no going back. I've decided. Reading other women's experiences gave me fortitude and I'm doing this.

Here's me today. You can see the white cap beginning. Also, you can see I need a new desk chair, thanks to my cat.

I haven't cut it short yet (my hair, not this post..obviously). I'm waiting till I can't stand that gray/auburn demarcation line before I take that leap. Cutting my hair might seem drastic, but I really want to speed the transition up as much as I can and watching my gray travel half-inch by half-inch down beyond my shoulders will drive me nuts. I mean...it's just hair. It will grow. And I won't keep it short I don't think. Once it's all gray, I'll probably let it grow.

I actually toyed with the idea of shaving my head. But that's a bit too extreme for me.

I saw a woman in the grocery store last week and she had long hair that was gray to about her shoulders, then a beautiful mix of gray, black and purple and it was stunning! I told her so too. She said it was awful growing it out, but she doesn't regret doing it and loves the unique look now.

I would totally add pink to mine.

So that's the latest and I'll update as the situation warrants.

I just noticed that almost every sentence in this post starts with "I". Self-indulgent much?

I gotta go cause I have to drive across town for a breathing test. The reason for that is another story for another time.

If anyone is reading this...thanks for indulging me.

Me, me, me-ingly,


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