Friday, March 19, 2010

Some days are Diamonds, Some Days are Stones

 Remember that song from the late 80's by John Denver?

  No, no, not stoned.....stone.  

As in dull, gray, facetless, ugly.  Some days feel like that.  Some days are the opposite of  brilliance and beauty and the only shimmer we can see is just maybe a light at the end of the tunnel, if we're the optimistic type.

Life with a teenager begets a quarry of stones and a mine of diamonds.  It's hard for them to see the glimmer at the end of the tunnel because they still have the childlike quality of living for the right now.  Pair that with an impatient curiousity and a plethora of emotions and you get days that drop upon you like stones.

Those are the days when I feel like I've failed as a parent.  

We try to be the polishing rag for our kids and we scour until our arms ache, but we can't touch every situation and circumstance they face.  Sometimes all we can do is show them they have the power to shine.  And find the strength to handle it calmly and wisely when they choose not to.

May your days be like diamonds and may your stones be few.

image courtesy of: djcodrin
Sadly Yours,


Savira Gupta said...

Just wanted to let you know that those teenagers do turn into Diamonds! I have been through 2 of them and when that change happens you will be even more proud!. Parenting is not easy but you will do just fine.

Unknown said...

I've found that my kids do their best polishing when they're bumping into me! What the heck?? My one daughter is prepping for a study abroad to Europe this next semester, and I'm hoping she comes home a little sparklier than she is right now!! My son's mission polished him up nicely. So YogaSavy is right; the sparkle peeks through from time to time!

Unknown said...

Awww, lovely. I'm happy to report, so far, most of mine are diamond days. But my kids aren't teenagers ;)

aladdinsane12 said...

that was really beautiful. of course i'm going to ruin the moment because your post made that old bob dylan song get stuck in my head.

eeeeeeverybody must get stoooooooned.

Brenda said...

Love that quote, Lori.

And yes, teenagers are the weirdest creatures. They're moody. They smell funny. Their voice sound funny. And ooh, they eat and sleep a lot. Total weirdos! ; )

Anonymous said...

Well said! Sometimes it is hard to do the polishing required when they fight back but just like diamonds, it is worth it in the end!!

Fred J said...

I didn't realize my redhead was so learned in psycho-geology! Having read your latest 'jewel' (hee hee hee) and surreptitious commentary from the blog-posse, I can come to only one conclusion: you are all totally super gay! It feels like I was run over in a crosswalk by the Lifetime channel.

Allow me, however, to point out the source of your confusion: if your child sparkles like a diamond, yet seems dumber than a bucket of rocks, chances are what you've got is a cubic dorkonium.

I hope you saved the receipt...

Tree said...

Hey Lori! I'm back...but not for Idol this time! LOL I love this post....and yes, coming from me....mommy of 5 (with a few teens thrown in there), they do eventually turn to Diamonds...usually. :)

I've left a couple "blog awards" for you (again LOL) on my blog....stop on over and snag them up! :) Love your blog.

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)

Susie said...

Thankfully (just as one is ready to head off for college) we are starting to have more diamond days then stone days. Finally.

Um...Fred? I'm soooo glad you cleared up all that confusion??? lol

Tracie said...

I'm having a stone day today. :( (And they aren't teens, yet.)

Yankee Girl said...

What a great analogy!

I have been having some diamond days lately. Of course that makes me so happy!