Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tapeworms and Taxes

I'm a submarine.  And not just because I need to lose a few pounds.  

I surface and submerge in blogger sea depending on what's going on in my life.  It's not intentional.  It's just a matter of priorities... and logistics.  

If my blogger buddies were standing at my side whining that they needed to see a post and saying, "ma MA, ma MA I need MA,"  it's likely I would oblige.

As it was, it was my 18 year old daughter, Sissa, lamenting my name (yes, my name is ma MA) because she needed help with her resume.  Before that, my 16 year old needed help finding out why tapeworms don't have a digestive system. 

The answer, by the way,  is that they are parasites who simply absorb food from their host.  How fitting. Kind of sounded familiar to me.

(bad maMa, very bad)

My brother interrupted my world of tapeworms because he needed help with his taxes. Then a client called.  Then a gal a I work with came by to drop off some paperwork.  And on and on it goes.  This wasn't yesterday, but it's typical of most days.  

Yesterday, I couldn't start my American Idol post until about 4 in the afternoon.  With interruptions, I finished about 6. 

I went downstairs and Sissa and her boyfriend had arrived and wanted to play Monopoly.  We sat down to play and my brother complained he needed help with dinner.  

Now, I'm no dummy and know I am damn lucky my brother cooks dinner so I tell Sissa to start without me and start helping with dinner.  

Then hubby, who had come home a little earlier, comes into the kitchen with puppy eyes saying he missed me.  Awww.  I love them all - what's a girl to do?  

These are the little things that keep me submerged from blogger world.  Then there are the big things, like teen-age daughter complications iliciting a change in schools, and work getting busier (which is a very good thing because it means we can pay our mortgage next month).

So here I sit, finally surfacing after 5 days of not posting except for my Idol recap. I'm checking my google reader, and I see gobs of posts I'm behind on.  Which begs the question:  HOW THE HELL DO ALL YOU BLOGGERS DO IT????

I know all of you have your own families, obligations, and distractions, yet you post every freakin day or close to it.  Some of you are stay at home mums with little ones, which is a full time job in itself, and others have outside full time jobs and come home to the little kiddies, and still manage to post and comment regularly.

How do I become a bobber and not a sinker?  

Is it careful planning?  Do you have set days and times you post?  

How do you handle unexpected things that come up that take you away from posting?  

Do you not sleep?  

Maybe you don't watch T.V.?  

Are you really robots programmed to make us sinkers feel guilty?  

Is it all just a conspiracy?  

Do you even exist? Do I exist?

Ok, So I'm being dramatic.  But really....please share your blogger bobber secrets.  I need help!

Sinking Fast,


Savira Gupta said...
if you get a chance watch the above you tube...
I try to write mine at night.. I dont have kids staying with me but my husband equals both of them!

Diminishing Lucy said...

I have recently turned myself into an every day kinda blogging chick. I don't watch TV. I stay up far too late at night. I have a laptop on the kitchen bench.......LOL!

Brenda said...

Monday is like my absolute blog day. I have to post something. It's a compulsion. Sorta kinda. As for the google reading. I *try* to read all of them. And *try* to leave comment on most of them. Sometimes, I'd skip a post and go back to it then comment. Also, I do my google reading on my iPhone. So that makes it really super easy for me.=)

And I don't watch as much TV anymore. So that's good, right? Right? Hehehe.

Unknown said...

Nah, no tv here. It's on, so I see any good stuff but I'd rather blog ;) And I write lots when I have time- I've currently got two drafts waiting to go. So, if there is a day when I don't have to write, i just publish one I've written on one of the days I actually did have time.

Aside from that, the Man gets home at 2pm, Bump is a self-entertaining baby and Chop sleeps for three hours a day. Oh, and my is a mess. Ta-da!

Susie said...

I'm kinda floundering there routines have changed and I haven't really found my special "blogging time". (this 6:30 am thing doesn't really cut it for me!)

I used to do it right after the kids went to bed and the house settled down, but now as the kids have gotten older they stay up too late. They say it's homework, but I say it's just to annoy me!

Lori said...

Thanks girls! I guess I just have to find the groove that works for me. Evenings are when I spend time with hubby and kids, unless I stay up really late, but by then I'm too tired. Think I'm gonna try early mornings, and see if I can get google reader on my phone to keep up with y'all during the day!

Anonymous said...

I find time throughout the day mostly. Weekends and evenings not as much. I gave you a blog award...check out my blog for details. Have a great weekend!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I think that the key for me is to write something when I feel like it, and don't fret about it when I just CAN'T!! I'm worried, though, that I won't be able to keep up with the many blogs I follow, and if I don't comment on them, they'll think I don't care!

Unknown said...

First, I need to say I loved the comment just above mine, because they said what I would have said, and their name is absolutely brilliant.

Second, bloggers who post every day are sick individuals who need their meds checked. This is what I tell myself when I've had the same post up for a week and I'm convinced everyone is in some chat room somewhere saying, "That DeNae. She is SO off our blogrolls."

You submerge from blogland so you can safely travel deeper waters. There's nothing wrong with that.

aladdinsane12 said...

my blog is not "big" by any means, but i get so stressed when i fall behind, because i have to spend HOURS trying to catch up! i am 3 days behind right now and have spent most of the day trying to read and comment. i don't know how people with 100, 200, 500(?) followers do it. no life, perhaps??

Tree said...

Lori ~ you crack me up! And you said exactly what I feel and what I often wonder. LOL I'm fairly new to blogging, but I am totally addicted now! But, I've found that I can't possibly keep up with "the Joneses" like I want to. I figured it was just my crazy hubby and kids, my job, my everyday nuisances (I mean...obligations LOL) keeping me away from my blogging, but I guess it's all over. I have come to the conclusion that I will not fret if I can't post everyday, and I think my readers would rather hear my more interesting posts than a bunch of nothings. :)

Now....I'm off to check out the Idol post! tee hee

DaughteroftheStars said...

Luckily my job is on a computer and I do night-shift so the dead hours of 4am to 6am is prime blogging time. Having said that I only just posted for the first time in a week :)

Sandy said...

I will tell you but you're not going to like it. I'm up at 5 a.m. before the house is awake and when I write my best stuff. Not great by other's standards but great as far as my abilities.

Fred J said...

Can you all hold it down... I'm trying to nap.