Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blog Awards!

If there were an award for a blogger loser I would get it and it would look like this:  

I've neglected my blog and my blogging buddy's blogs for the past 2 weeks and I just wish to acknowledge and apologize - is that acknowlogize?  I'm trying to get a business blog up and running and it's got me so frustrated I'm ready to barf CSS code.

Anyhoo, before I was a loser, (yeah, that would be a few weeks ago, sorry Aussie Lori) I got two lovely sunshine awards, given to those who leave sunny comments or brighten someone's day with their blog.  They came from Aussie Lori, a mummie from down unnie, who is very funnie.  Heh heh, yeah, that was on purpose.  Check out her blog - there is something for everyone over there.
Thank you, Aussie Lori!  I aspire to be like you with your blogging dedication!

So, I'm supposed to post the award, link to the one that gave it to me, pass it on to other bloggers whose blogs make me feel sunshiney, and let them know so they can pass it on.

Here's my list of blogs that either make me laugh, or go awwww, or inspire me, or all three.  And I'm giving these awards to all y'all.  Some of you have already gotten them, or have other blogging projects going on, or have, like, a zillion followers, and can't possibly pass on every single dang award you get, so no pressure - you can acknowledge or not.   But, dammit, I like ya.  So there.  So here's my list:

1.  Susie. This is the first blog I ever followed since I started blogging in January.  Her family seems eerily like mine with their silly escapades and she's a good writer.
2.  Brenda.  This is another funny mummy who makes you feel like she's talking to you over martinis with the kids playing in the background.
3.  Parenting by dummies.  She writes about a little bit of everything, mostly funny, but sometimes serious and I always learn a lil' something by reading.  
4.  Rita.  She shares it all, the sad and the happy, when it's sad, it's poignant and when it's happy, it's very funny.   
5.  Katherine.  She's my daily dose of inspiration.  She makes me ponder.
6.  Mama Kat.  She makes me laugh and sees meaning in mice families, which strangely, so do I.  She also has a writer's workshop that looks cool that I keep meaning to participate in. 
7.  Aladdinsane.  This is my token single girl's blog.  She's always funny and you gotta check out her post on poop.  
And, of course, Aussie Lori's blog is a fav too, but I don't think I'm supposed to give the award back to one who gave it to me.  

Then, even after I hadn't posted for a whole week, Tree (who, by the way, has the prettiest blog ever!  It's all pink and girly and everything matches - I'm jealous!) presented me with this award, cause we're both Idol fans:

I'm supposed to pass this on to newly discovered blogs that I like.  I haven't had time recently to go blog hunting, but I do have a few I've stumbled on that are becoming favorites.  Tree's is one of them - thank you, Tree!  Here are a few others:

1.  Marcime.  This gal is an awesome writer and makes you stop and go, "hmmmm."  I love reading her posts.
2. Charlene.  She writes about balance in life and I learn something when I visit her blog.
3.  Jen Jen.   This is one funny German lady.
4.  Anything fits a Naked Man.  This one had me at the title.  She's also a good writer and shares her love of movies, books, and this and that.
5.  Deb.   Just funny family stuff and this and that, but I relate because she's the mom of teens.

So gals, same rules.  If you're busy, or got other projects going on and can't acknowledge, no worries.  I just want you to know I like ya.  

Cheers to all! 


Dumb Mom said...

Holy poop, you learn stuff from me?! Well, don't tell anyone, that would seriously ruin my Dumb Image! Thank you tons for the reward. I'm acknowledging but I have to be honest when I say that the chances of me remembering to pass it on are about as likely as me remembering to brush my toddler's teeth, cancel my dentist appointment that I have no intention of keeping, or checking my bank balance before buying a new handbag. That's just how I roll! XOXO

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

What a wonderful surprise! I just sat down to catch up on my favorite blogs, and here I read that you've slapped me with an award! WOW! What a way to start my afternoon! Thanks so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

And congrats to you on all of these fine awards! They are very well deserved, indeed!

Tree said...

LOL You're too funny!! You are very welcome, and you are NOT a loser. :) And I love that you love my blog...I love pink too!

Just out visiting on this rainy weekend! Take care :)

Brenda said...

Awwww. That is soooo sweet, Lori. Thanks muchly. Clink.; )

and wow! Go you with the business blog!!!

Unknown said...

Yay! Thanks so much yankee Lori. I forgive you for being a loser. We can't all be as obsessively narcissistic and compulsive as I ;)

Love your work, darling. Even if you only post once a month I'll be here reading :D

aladdinsane12 said...

aww, you're totally the best! i SWEAR that the next post i make will be to acknowledge this award and the one you gave me a while ago. thank you thank you thank you! you are far too generous :)

Katherine Jenkins said...

Thanks for the beautiful award(s). I'm behind in my award giving! I think you also gave me the Sunshine award earlier. Thanks so much Lori for reading my blog..I love what you do too! All the best to you, Katherine

Susie said...

How sweet...thanks for the kind words and for thinking of me!

Can you just imagine the adventures the two of our families could have together???

JenJen said...

Thank you thank you THANK you!!! I love this lil' award....

but I loved your comment more. Thank you so much for reading what I had to say and responding with some honest, real reply. It means so much to hear from my readers and I certainly hope I can return the favor :)

Thanks again. I can't wait to see more posts from you soooooooon! :)

Deb said...

this is awesome! quite a pick-me-up after all the blog transfer stress!!! thank you so much!

can't wait to see what you think of rolling stones night on Idol tomorrow!!