Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hodge Podge of Headers, Witches, and Ex's

I just love the weekends. I get to do stuff I just can't seem to find the time to do during the week. Productive stuff like working on my blog and staying up till 2 AM watching a Sex and The City marathon cleaning and organizing.
Ok, I didn't organize anything, I really did work on my blog. Do you like my new header? It was high time I put something up there. I originally wanted a cartoony me with a cocktail in one hand and typing on the computer with the other. Cause that's how I roll in real life.

I snagged a sexy looking cartoony girl then had hubby put my caricature head on it because he still hasn't put photo shop on my computer and wanted to use it but then couldn't figure out what to do with the rest of the header.

I like cartoon me. She's cuter than real me. And skinnier. In the end, I decided on the  empty chair on the beach header because I love the beach and somewhere there's one waiting for me to go sit on it. Maybe I'll stick cartoon me in my sidebar.
Speaking of sidebars, I made myself a new blog button too, so if you fancy to, feel free to snag it. I also finally actually have some links on my "links" page. I'd like to add a recipe page, but I thought I better write a post instead since my last one was....Wednesday, I think. 
Speaking of lack of posts - I  *gasp*  lost a follower. I don't have too many and I love you all and I'm kind of depressed I lost one. Maybe it wasn't lack of posting, but rather what I posted. Maybe I just wasn't funny enough, or relevant enough, or maybe my blog is too pink. 
 don't know, but whoever you are I hope you find another blog that makes you happy. Hope you don't go through too many transition blogs before you settle down with "the one" blog.
Hope your computer crashes.
Not really. I didn't mean that.
I'll try to move on and accept that we just weren't meant to be.

This is sort of a hodge podge post, so bear with me, dear reader, if you're still here (not you, ex-follower, I wasn't talking to you).

My 16 year old daughter worked on a school project this weekend that I just had to share because she is so clever and creative and resourceful which she gets from me.

Her English class is reading The Crucible and they had to illustrate scenes from the book in any way they wanted. If you didn't know (I didn't) - The Crucible is a play about the Salem witch trials that took place in Massachusetts in 1692 and 1693. So she decided to illustrate the hangings.

It's morbid which she gets from her father but see how she made a little cut-out under their feet? When you pull it, the little hand-crafted accused witch drops down and is hanged by the twine noose. Clever, right? The writing behind them in red is The Lord's Prayer because witches were thought incapable of reciting it- yet many accused did recite it as they awaited their fate.
What I was most impressed by in her handiwork was how she fashioned the little people. Here's a close-up of the back of one of them. Sorry it's a little blurry.

She used beads! I have this basket of beads from past craft projects and she glued several long ones together to make the body. The she used short strands of plastic pearls and shaped them for the arms. The head and feet are wooden beads. She used scraps of fabric for the clothes. Here's a close up of the front.

I thought she did a pretty terrific job!

Aside from headers and witches, I babysat my nephews for several hours Saturday night. They're 6 and 12 and after playing X-box and a couple card games we decided to find a movie to watch. Hubby got involved in the decision and our conversation went like this:

Me (saying to hubby while I was in the kitchen and he was on the couch with the remote in hand): Can you check Starz and see if there's a good movie on?
Hubby: I'll look for Up - that's supposed to be good.
Me:     Check to see if it's on a free channel
Hubby: It's on a pay channel
Me:      You already checked the free channel?
Hubby:  It wasn't on a free channel. It's on the pay channel.

Hubby goes into the kitchen while I debate between paying $4.99 for a movie or playing another hand of Go Fish. I pick up the remote to start the movie. My nephews tell me, for the fourth time, that they've already seen Up and they want to see Area 51.

Me: Here's Area 51 on the pay channel.
Hubby: Area 51 isn't as good as Up.
Me: But they've seen Up.
Hubby: Kids don't care if they see movies twice. I want to see Up. Stop pushing Area 51.
Me: I'm not pushing it. It's just that they've seen it and Up isn't in here. Up In the Air is here, but that's not the same as Up. Maybe you thought Up in the Air was Up.
Hubby: No, I know Up In the Air isn't Up. You're not in the right menu.
Me: I'm in the pay menu. You said it was in the pay menu.
Hubby: You need to go to the Starz menu
Me: That's the free channel!
Hubby: Well that's where it is.
At this point my daughter suggests marriage counseling. As it turns out, hubby was right - Up was a good movie and the boys didn't seem to mind watching it twice.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


Unknown said...

NO! I can't believe someone unFollowed you, what is wrong with people? I still love you. And I'm grabbing your button. And your daughter is very, very clever, how cool does that look?

Tree said...

Booo....who unfollowed you?! Want me to beat them up? LOL I think you did a great job on the banner and button! :) I'm so glad I finally have a button to add to my Blogs I Love instead of just your link. tee hee

Your daughter did an AWESOME job on her project! And you know...I still haven't seen UP. Kids have, but not I.

aladdinsane12 said...

i LOVE the new header! very cool! and the cartoon you is very you :)

i must say that your daughter's school project is definitely the coolest school project i've ever seen. hangings and witches? amazing.

Lori said...

Thanks girls! I feel better. Tree - yes, please go beat them up for me! haha.

Fred J said...

People who un-follow you get beat up by Trees? I'm not even sure I know what any of that means! Well, wait... in Lord of the Rings, Saruman got his White, wizardly ass handed to him by some trees. That actually might be pretty cool - thanks for finally adding some blog-violence to offset all the pink.

Love, Gandalf the Grey(ing)

P.S. It's PLANET 51, silly broad! Ba...BAM!!

Lori said...

Oh man.... I HATE when he's right!! AREA 51?!
*smacking forehead* what was I thinking?? What can I say, we live in Nevada!

Tree said...

LOL Fred....I think you and the hubby need to get together and compare notes!! I feel for you, girl!! LMAO