Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Apologies

     I have to apologize to y'all for a couple things.
Impish Hubby
Firstly, my hubby. It seems he has been popping in on some of your blogs and leaving comments. Although we all welcome comments, I'm not sure Tree, over at Mother of Pearl, welcomed his opinion on the lentil sloppy joe recipe that one of her readers was kind enough to leave. His comment started with, "Lentil sloppy Joe's....seriously??" And ended with complaints of an estrogen headache and a visit to Mc Donald's.
Tree was only the first victim. Aussie Lori and Aladdinsane, you're on the list. So I'd like to apologize now for any mischief hubby may cause on your blogs. He's harmless....really. He's just filled with so many witty remarks and amusing anecdotes and clever puns (oh, he loves the puns) that he's run out of venues in which to spew them.
I've tried to get him to blog as an outlet, but he stubbornly refuses. I've even named my crusade "Get Fred To Blog". It's catchy, right? The fact that the acronym - GFTB - sounds like goof purely coincidental.
Probably the thing that will annoy you the most about his comments is the fact that he has no blog and no email in his google profile, for you to respond to. In an effort to remain on everyone's good side and so any disgruntled retaliation doesn't come down on moi, I've set up an email for him. Your welcome. It's So please, direct any complaints there.
A plumber fixing a kitchen sink with butt crack showing.
As a side note, I'm not immune to his cheeky comments either. He was rather miffed at my post-it Tuesday post about the broken toilet and commented accordingly. In the end, my brother ended up repairing it successfully.  Honey, if you're reading, and it's any consolation, your plumber butt crack is waaaay more appealing then my bros.
Now that that little business is taken care of, here's the second thing I need to apologize for. I've been sorely lacking in promptness with my American Idol posts. I'm supposed to blog about Tuesday's show on Wednesday and for the past two weeks, I haven't. Last week I was just too busy Wednesday and Thursday and by the time Friday came, well, what's the point?
It's hard for me to commit to posting on a specific topic at a specific time. I guess I could post at night, but my work can be so stressful that my brain is just fried at night and all I want to do is veg out. I guess I just can't commit to my blog. I have blog commitment issues. It's not you, it's me.
So, I apologize for being a flakey blogger. That's all I have to say about that.
It's only Thursday, so let's talk Idol for a minute. Big Mike is gone. I'm sad. I liked Big Mike. If I had to pick someone to leave, it would have been a tough choice, but I wouldn't have picked Mike. I think I would have picked Casey, as cute as he is. For me, he hasn't been as consistently good as Mike.
It's a moot point now - they'll all have CDs out in the near future and then no matter who wins, their success is up to themselves.
The best performances last night were the duets. (Videos were here but they are gone from You Tube now.)

Ok, forget what I said above about Casey - I can look at him for a few more shows.
So we're down to Crystal, Lee, and Casey. If Lee and Casey bring it with good song choices, unique twists, and strong connections to their songs, the talented Miss Crystal may have some stiff competition.

Either way, next week promises to be a good show. have a great weekend y'all!

*Butt crack photo courtesy of badbootywear


Tree said...

LMAO Fred did not annoy me in the least little bit. LOL In fact, I thought he was rather comical in a smart-ass sorta way! (tee hee) I have been known to be very sarcastic too, so I completely understand your hubby.

No hard feelings, Fred. Oh...I guess I should email him directly now and let him know, huh? :)

And girl, do NOT worry about getting the updates out on time. Life comes first...ALWAYS! I love reading your Idol posts, and I probably comment on them far more in detail than most LOL, but I can always wait or even skip a week.

I was VERY sad to see Big Mike leave too, and as much as I love Casey (and his fine behind), I was just sure he would be leaving this week. Ah you said, they will ALL have contracts soon enough, so no biggie. I also LOVED the duet with Lee and Crystal..I think they could easily record that now.!

Savira Gupta said...

I think that is great your husband sneakily post comments! was missing your updates on American Idol...(to be honest I rarely watched it)

Fred J said...

At this juncture I'd like to point out the that the views and opinions expressed by the above-pictured butt-crack are not necessarily the views and opinions of MY butt-crack because THAT IS NOT MY BUTT-CRACK!! REALLY Honey! The mere inference that the back of my front needs a blog-body-double is more insult than I care to address at this time. You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

P.S. What's for dinner? I hungry!

Unknown said...

Bwahahaha! Bring it on, bring it on..

aladdinsane12 said...

Excellent! I'm totally excited to get comment-bombed! You know I love your hubby (in a completely non-sexual way, of course) :)

And is it wrong that I thought that caricature was of Hillary Clinton??

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Hubby needs a guest blogging gig on yours from time to time. Get the male perspective on things now and again. As for American Idol, I do agree, I think the remaining ones will be successful no matter the outcome. I am rooting for Crystal to take it all, she has been so consistent and just seems like a cool chick. I hope she wins it.

Fred J said...

Alladinsane thinks I look like Hillary Clinton... well doesn't THAT give me a frigid fuzzy! I guess it would explain the 'non-sexual' part of the love. That wouldn't do it for ME either. I'm just thankful she didn't say Chelsea... don't think I could live that down.

Fred J said...

Oh, and just a side-note to my wascally wed-headed wife: my attorney would like to know if you will be posting many more misrepresenting, unflattering pictures of me on your site. I mean c'mon man! I do have a few COOL pictures laying around, blog-dammit! The problem is your blog's dictatorial lack of accountability to anyone or anything - it's not right. There must be someone to stop you trampling roughshod over the helpless. Someone to blow a whistle and cry "foul" when innocents (such as myself) are ill-used to serve your purposes. Your blog lacks the one thing it needs most:

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