Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things That Make Me Grumpy - I Was Tagged!

I've been tagged!
Tree, over at Mother of Pearl, tagged me for "Things That Make Me Grumpy"

You asked, so here goes:

1.  People in customer service who don't give a crap about customer service. I'd really like my whole problem listened to before you transfer me to someone that can't help me. M'kay?

2.  Sitting down to put on my make-up an hour before I have to leave for an appointment with a client and finding my blush and mascara gone. Then after not finding it in my daughter's room because, of course, she took it to school with her, having to use lipstick for blush and black powdered eyeliner mixed with water for mascara, like I'm some kind of freakin Egyptian woman applying makeup that she made herself by grinding lava rock.*
*This one's still fresh, as you can see

3.  Getting in the car, late for an appointment (see #2 above), and realizing I have to drive across town and I have no gas.

4.  Slow internet, or blogger, or Explorer or Chrome, or whatever the hell it is that's causing the damn slowness right now! You're bustin my groove!

5.  Arguing with anybody. I don't like to argue. A healthy debate over opinions is one thing, but arguing over whose right is just too draining.

6.  Being accused by hubby of "goose chasing" him. K, hubby - if you ask me where an item is, and I tell you where I saw it last, that is me attempting to be helpful. That is not me purposely sending you on a wild goose chase for said item. And may I remind you of all the times I tell you correctly where something is because (and I say this with adoration and respect) you lose things...frequently? Please stop singing me your little made up goose chase song. It's just hurtful.

7.  Mondays.

Tag, you're it girls (If you want to):
Aussie Lori
Sandbox Gems
Anything Fits A Naked Man

That's it because American Idol is on...gotta go!

Grumpily Yours,


Unknown said...

Still giggling at number two. tehehehe....

Ms. Understood said...

Funny list. What drives me crazy about customer service are the people who DO allow you to tell them your whole story and then transfer you but don't provide the information to the next person, so I'll repeating myself . . . Why did you bother to listen to that entire exchange if you weren't going to pass on the information? For your health?

Tree said...

I am SO with you on #2!! LMAO My daughter/s (yes, the little one too) like to walk off with my makeup, lotion, hairspray, and any other beauty item I might NEED at that moment. LOL

Tell Fred to chill....I can totally see you're being helpful in finding the things HE lost! (snort)

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Ooooh, I think I may be up for this! Except I fear my list will be a very, very long one!!

I hate arguing, too! Mostly because I'm horrible at it! My husband is a calm, sensible debator. I get all emotional and forget all of my points. Finally, I usually just end up blurting out, "OK, we both know I'm right here. I'm just doing a bad job of making my point. Can we just say 'I win' and move on?" Amazingly, this never works!!

Susie @ A Slice of My Life said...

I swear we are living the same life! (nly I'm with Ms Understood on #2, I don't want to keep blabbing my story to those who could care less)

Unknown said...


1. By de many arms of Vishnu, dere is jost no pleesing some peepole!

2. Since women wear makeup for the benefit of other women (men are usually looking places it is not applied), this is a self-perpetuating grumble - let me transfer you to someone that can help you with this issue. Your call is important to us.

3. Okay, I'll take the rap for this one - it is a hubby's duty (heh heh... I said 'doody') to ensure his lady never has to pump her own gas.

4. The more you click something that doesn't respond immediately, the longer it takes to respond - this is true of computers AND hubbies.

5. Okay, I have to call you on that one, my red-headed devil's-advocate! Perhaps this applies to everyone BUT me.

6. Perhaps a different preamble would resolve this - something like: "The last time I saw it was..." instead of "It's on the..." (NOTE TO ALL: my wife has a goosechase 'problem' that won't be cured until she acknowledges it).

7. Okay, I'm with you on that one. Monday should be called "Sadderday".

Hubby, esq.

aladdinsane12 said...

ah! i'm so behind! thanks for the tag- i will do my best to do it sometime soon. my life is crazy at the moment :(