Monday, June 28, 2010


Happy Crappy Monday!
Well, I hope your Monday isn't crappy...I just said that because so far mine is, but no matter because Monday's are when we show our ihappys, not our icrappys. As a side note, I'm finding that I say "no matter..." alot these days - sorry if that's getting old. I think it's kind of like when Scarlett O'hara says "Oh, I'll think about that tomorrow..." in Gone With the Wind. It's a dismissal of the bad and a searching for the good. If we can be happy with small things, most of the time we really don't have to search far.

So here's my ihappys:

Our scrappy, scruffy doggie, Gracie Lou
Doesn't she look like Yoda?

Babs is short for Babette. She's my pretend female butler that stands in my living room patiently waiting to hold my cocktail while I lazily recline on the couch, Scarlett O'hara style, and read my library book. If only I could teach her to clean for me.

Finding good books to read at the library

Watching my lovely daughter dance

My daughter, Sissa, had her first dance solo this weekend and she danced it so beautifully I cried.

You know what would be another ihappy I wish I could add here? Blogger images working right! It's not cooperating with me in this post, so I'm surrendering to it. 

But I'm still happy.

** This is a meme from Brenda at Mummy time, by the way, to take pics of things that make us happy with our non-existent i-phones.  I forgot to put that at the beginning of the post.


Brenda said...

That is one seriously Yoda looking dog!!

Happy iHappy Monday, Yankee Lorri.=)

Joann Mannix said...

Blogger makes me unhappy all the time. They are mean, mean, mean.

That daughter of yours is lovely and that butler of yours is faboosh! I need myself one of those.

Tracie said...

Love the butler and your daughter is gorgeous!

Don't feel bad about photos on Blogger. I have 'issues' with loading photos on WP, too.

Ms. Understood said...

LOL, I thought your dog was a baby deer. LOL. Great pics. Congrats to your daughter for her first solo. I think I'd like to join in on the iHappy Mondays. I'll check it out. (So, you know I came by looking for your hilarious post-its. I came back into town just in time for them, LOL).

Tree said...

You do have a Yoda looking dog! LMAO So freakin cute!! And I need one of those pretend female butlers too. LOL Your daughter is beautiful. Hey...did I tell you that I....MOI...will be starting dance classes in September? tee hee