Friday, June 11, 2010

Repeat After Me: I Am a Skinny Bee-yatch

I saw Sex And The City 2 on Wednesday with a girlfriend. I'm glad I saw it before I read the reviews because had I watched it with comments like, "Lame," "Fluffy," "Self-involved," and "Whiny," running through my head it would have been a total buzz-kill.
Don't judge me too harshly, but - I liked it. Perhaps I'm shallow and uncouth or perhaps I poured a little too much whiskey into our diet cokes during the previews, (What? Am I the only one that brings a flask to the theatre??) but girlfriend and I laughed - alot. It was just easy to relate to the girls and their issues - from motherhood, to marriage, to menopause.What's not to love about sex talk and sexy eye-candy like John Corbett and Max Ryan?

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 Anyhoo, this post is not a review of the movie, it's supposed to be about health and fitness. So what does Sex And The City have to do with health and fitness?
Just this: THOSE ARE SOME SKINNY BEE-YATCHES!!  I mean, c'mon - it's been how many years since the series ended, and they actually look skinnier now?
I suppose they have to be that tiny to look good in their outfits and this is the point I'm getting at - being able to wear cute outfits is one of my motivations for dropping the weight.
Sooo, how'd I do this week? Let's just say no skinny white jeans for me - yet. I was stagnant at 165. I cheated with some birthday cake on Wednesday then my brother made a chocolate cake with strawberries in the middle on Thursday so I cheated again. What can I say? I do love me some chocky cake. I guess the dream of fitting into a cute little outfit didn't quite do it for me this week. 
On the upside, I did my 20 minutes with bumble bee socks girl 3 days out of 5 and the other two days I swam. I really think I still should have lost at least a pound. My scale hates me.

 Maybe I should try a little "mind over matter." I should repeat to myself out loud, "I don't like chocolate cake." 
Before you start guffawing and snorting, hear me out here. 
There is this little trick known as cognitive dissonance. Dissonance is a lack of agreement or harmony. If we are cognitive (or aware) of a disagreement between what we know (I like chocolate cake) and what we are saying (I don't like chocolate cake) it makes us uncomfortable and we will want to change one or the other. If we proclaim that we don't like a troublesome or addicting food, and we do it out loud and often, supposedly, it won't be long before we actually don't want to eat it. 
Cognitive dissonance. That's a powerful concept. If it works, think of the problems in the world it could solve - racism, prejudice, hatred. Who'd have thought stupidity could be cured just by having the afflicted walk around saying, "I am not stupid. I am not stupid." 
Come to think of it, I suppose that's how brain washing is done so it can be used for good or for evil. Well, my point is, that weight loss is largely (pardon the pun) mind over matter. And that's not evil. That's good. 

So c'mon girls, repeat after me, "I am a skinny bee-yatch. I am a skinny bee-yatch. I am a skinny bee-yatch..."

Bitchily Yours,


Diminishing Lucy said...

I love you. My life is transformed by cognitive dissonance.

And I love that you take a flask into the movies.

Unknown said...

You are a girl after my own heart. I haven't been able to jailbreak myself out yet to see SATC2 but I am expecting no more than fluff and fun. And eye candy and gratuitous shoes.

karen said...

Never watched the show ... probably won't see the movies ... but I DID get to be up close and personal with John Corbett in the middle of the night a handful of years ago. (I was VERY pregnant -- he was staying at the hotel I was working at & decided to chat for a while.)
Aaaaaah ...
I'm sure there was a lot of other good stuff in the post and I'll get to it later. Corbett has that distracting effect on me!

Ms. Understood said...

Somehow I can't even form my mouth to say I don't like any dessert that I love. As a matter of fact, this post (and my husband having the nerve to eat a Snicker bar in the bed right next to me), just makes me want to go downstairs and eat something *thinking about what's downstairs in the kitchen*

Savira Gupta said...

I have a saying every time I see a yummy dessert
"A moment on my lips forever on my hips"

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I've loved John Corbett ever since Northern Exposure! I admit, though, I'm not a huge SATC fan, particularly because those bee-yatches are WAY too skinny!!

Good luck with your continued weight loss, Girl! You can DO it!!

Tracie said...

Erin at The Mother Load says "Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels". Of course, she actually is skinny so either it works or easy for her to say.

Mayra said...

I am a SATC fan. BIG TIME. =)
I haven't set a date to go see it with my girlfriends yet.

I agree that mind over matter wins the battle. sometimes. It's worked for me when I try to keep calm, go out for a walk/run after I eat that very delicious piece of chocolate cake..etc. =)

& so I proudly say; I a m a skinny byatchhhh.

PS. I loved this post!