Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why, Why, Why?

Things I don't understand:

Why does the weekend go by so fast and why is my laundry never folded come Sunday night?  I'm gong to spend the next 3 mornings digging through laundry baskets for socks and underwear. (Yes, I realize I could be folding it right now instead of blogging but that's beside the point.)

Why does my new iphone think I'm a homophobic pot smoker having an affair?  I went to text my son back, "Ok hon," and the supposedly intuitive auto correction feature changed it to "Ok homo."  Then whenever I type "hey," it changes it to "hash," and when I type "hon" to my husband, it comes out "Jon."

Why can't I think of witty things to tweet about?  There were only three times this week that I thought of something funny to say in reply to someone's tweet and all three times it was Cheeseboy's tweets.

I think he thinks I'm hitting on him because the last tweet from me was, "Maybe it means you want to be spanked," in reply to his, (and I'm paraphrasing because I can't remember it exactly) "What does that say about me that all the tweets Twitter recommends I follow are from mommy bloggers and adult comics?"

Why are these silly, petty questions the best I can come up with to blog about tonight?

I should go fold my laundry.

Or play Sally's Spa on my iphone.

Hope y'all have a Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S.  Why did I hit "Publish Post" on this???


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Anonymous said...

Glad you did hit publish because you made me laugh! I wish laundry would fold itself instead of being a never ending vortex of work! And don't get me started on finding matching socks! Blah!! Hope I get some chocolate today to round out my "oh, great, it's Monday and Valentine's Day" mood!