Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Dogs Hate My Diet

I'm excited to report that I've lost 5 pounds since my last Fat to Fit post.  Yay me!

Of course, it's the long haul that is always the challenge, but I'm happy for this little victory nonetheless.  I feel motivated and committed and haven't been tempted to cheat at all.

Wait...there was last Friday when I had chicken fingers and fries, so ok, I cheated a little.  But I got serious last weekend when I started using the "My Fitness Pal" app for the Iphone.  Somehow, being accountable for what I eat and recording it and having a calorie goal each day keeps me on track  I feel like I might just make my weight goal before the Summer and that feels good.

My dogs, however, are not happy. They're used to getting tidbits off my plate, but now that I'm on rations, I ain't sharing.  They give me their most sorrowful looks but, dammit, if I'm sacrificing than they have to too!

They still get to lap the last of the milk in my cereal bowl, but since I'm only using half a cup of milk, well, there isn't much left for 3 dogs to lap.  They wait patiently and stare at me as I'm eating and the whining starts just when the cereal runs out and the last drops of milk are left.  Not from me, mind you, from the dogs.  Well...sometimes I whine too, if I'm still hungry.

They are smart little dickens.  I bought some GNC protein powder and 2 or 3 mornings out of the week, I'll have a shake in the morning instead of my usual cereal.  Guess they don't like protein drinks because if they hear the blender in the morning, they don't even bother coming downstairs.

What is it about dogs that they know when you are really getting food in the kitchen, or when you are just rattling a chip bag to get them to come downstairs so you can throw them outside to go potty?  My hubby gets up in the middle of the night to make peanut butter toast, and my chihuahua, Lucy, stays snuggled under the covers until the toast pops up, and then she shoots out of the covers, off the bed, and down the stairs and is already on the coach waiting by the time Hubby gets there with his toast all peanut buttered.

So, back to dieting.  Here's my little fitness take-away from this post:

1.  Keeping track of what I eat and having a calorie limit helps me eat less
2.  I can still have a glass of wine after dinner, if I plan out my calories accordingly (Because that's my 5th food group)
3.  A belly full of vitamins in the morning after breakfast helps fill me up. (although the burps that ensue are none too pleasant)
4.  For me, eating dinner later, like 6:30 or 7, helps me to not snack later in the evening because I'm still full from dinner.  (I know this one might be a no-no to some, but it works for me)

I hope to keep this up!  Can't wait to read everyone else's diet adventures.  Happy Friday!
What my dog, Lucy, thinks of this whole dieting business


Anonymous said...

Your dogs are adorable. My dog has made the Lucy face at me many times. I eat late too, but still crave.

Congrats on your 5 lb. weight loss! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you on success so far! My doggies would be bummed for lack of extras too. They hang out with my hubs at night 'cause he snacks while watching tv too--they just know. Hard to resist their little begging eyeballs when they look at us eating. Have a great weekend!

Rachelle Morris said...

Yay for 5lbs!!! Nice work!

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Keep up the good work!

Faktu mast said...

Your dogs are so sweet