Friday, March 18, 2016

Five Willy Nilly Friday Fragments #5

Five Willy Nilly Friday Fragments image

Yay, It's Friday again!

Time for Five Willy Nilly Friday Fragments from the week!

1. Tangled

No, not the enchanting cartoon. Tangled, as in the much less enchanting and very annoying carfuffle my dog walking has become.

We have four dogs, but the littlest guy used to not want to go with me on our walks. He'd only walk with Mr. Wonderful. So I had a system down pretty well to walk the other three. Oh, there were some mishaps, especially getting out the door with all of them, but I could handle it pretty well.

Now the fourth has decided he wants to come too. Our walk has become a complete cluster-you-know-what of tangled leashes and dogs.

And God help me when one of them poops and I have to reign in all four of them with one hand (all yanking on me, of course) while carefully scooping up poop with the other hand. Oh, the neighbors must love that little show.

I try to get nice pictures of nature and the pretty sky, but no. It's hard to do that with dogs tugging your hands. All my shots are blurry. I gave up and decided to focus on the tangled leashes, which occurs 564893 times during the course of a walk.

Dogs getting tangled on their walk collage

2.  Oreos

Have you tasted these? I picked up a bag last weekend and Oh. My. Flab. Are they ever good! After eating half the bag, I forced Fred to take them to work and share them with his co-workers so I wouldn't eat them anymore.

Cinnamon Bun Oreo cookies

3.  Swimsuit Season

I made this the other day, to use in a blog post. Dieting has weighed heavy on my mind this week (see what I did there?) so I'm sharing it again. Refer to #2 above.

Also, Game of Thrones will be back soon and I can't wait. That show is as addicting as the Oreos. Do you guys watch it?

Game of Thrones image Stark

4.  Conversation Snippets

Mr. Wonderful shares all sorts of facts with me. I love him dearly, but there's only so much information I can take about World War II, Lord of The Rings, and space.

Funny quote about husbands and World War II trivia

5.  Mesmerizing Music

A blogger I recently discovered wrote a fabulous post about how, as bloggers, we each have gifts to share. She included a video in her post that brought tears to my eyes and I have to share it. Thanks to Kathleen at The Blogger's Lifestyle for posting this.

His name is Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu and he's an Australian aboriginal musician. Have you heard of him? I hadn't but I'll be looking for him on itunes because I need to hear more of this. He was born blind and wanted to learn guitar as a child but had no one to teach him. So he taught himself. He's left handed and only had a right handed guitar to learn on, so he learned to play it upside down and plays it that way to this day. 

Hope you enjoy this.

Have a wonderful weekend all you gifted people!

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