Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday...where really, my hubby did all the work.

In honor of Wordless Wednesday, I thought you might like to bask in the greatness of my hubby's ability to waste away the hours playing on his phone artistic talents.

You know the game Draw Something, right? Where you get a word and then you have to draw it, and the other person guesses it, then they get a word to draw and you have to guess it, and so on?

Here are a few of my hubby's masterpieces. Can you guess what they are?

He's so talented with that finger of his, isn't he?

Wait...that just sounds wrong.

Then there's me, who uses the game to nag him to quit playing on his phone at work and get his ass home:

What, did a 1st grader write that?? As you can see, I have no drawing talent whatsover, and my writing talent is questionable! But hey, I got a whole blog post out of this, didn't I?

P.S. If you're interested in the answers, here they are:
Rodeo, Big Bang Theory, Jesus, Beach, Kermit, Ozzy, Monoply, Picard, Plunger

If you have a picture or two that you want to center a whole blog post around (or is it "around which to center a blog post"? That just sounds pretentious), then link up here at Dude Mom's Wordful (or less) Wednesday post.

And because, apparently, I'm now a link-up whore who can't help herself and has to link to TWO Wordless Wednesday parties, and I want others to join me in my linky (with a k) whore-ish-ness, you can link up here to Stacy Uncorked's blog too!



Fred J said...

Soooo... crack wise, will ya?

Why I oughtta...

I'll strikethrough you!

I clean your crappily-drawn clock!

I'll tell you what the big hand's GONNA be on!

I'll show YOU cursive writing!

And it's "around which to center the posting of one's blog", you Phillistine.

Fred J said...

Just kiddin', Red... I'm a big fan.

An Apel a Day said...

1. Cowboy
2. Math Nerds
3. A Person Nailed to a Cross
4. A Person or Mermaid on a Beach
5. Kermit with Bullet Wounds and Miss Piggy on the Ground
6. Ozzy Osbourne
7. Monopoly
8. Star Trek
9. Poop in a Toilet with a Plunger
10. A Clock

Stacy Uncorked said...

Holy moly your hubby has mad finger skillz - I mean drawing skillz! :) And I love your drawing nagging him it's time to come home. :)

4th Grade Beginning and End

Fred J said...

Pretty close on all of them, Alissa. You just seem to pull back at the last second - trust your instincts!

1. RODEO (yes, there is a cowboy, but the horse and audience feel a bit slighted by your fixation)
2. THE BIG BANG THEORY (everyone pictured feels slighted by your generalization)
3. JESUS (who feels slighted at being relegated to an extra in a movie - Man on cross #2)
4. BEACH (though the merperson is Lori - it actually says so right in the picture. I doubt she feels slighted, but she should)
5. KERMIT (the blood is all Miss Piggy's - Kermit could not be reached for comment)
6. OZZIE OSBORNE. (ba-BAM! you go girl!)

...and you nailed the rest as well! What a great comeback in t second half!

Susan said...

I'm quite impressed at all that detail. My Sweetie and I both draw pretty much like you do. (although I never thought to use it as a nagging device!)

I got rodeo, but then you stopped showing how long the word was. I need that...I guessed "elbow" for the Jesus because that's what I thought it was pointing to! lol

Lori said...

Very funny honey. Thanks for the recap.

Lori said...

I know - it's hard to guess with no hints! If I screenprint from my phone, you can see the letters, but hubby took the other ones while in the app using the Draw Something picture taker thing, and it just shows the picture.

Fred J said...

"Trust Your Soul to the Savior's Elbow" - A classic hymn... one of my favorites.