Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday Fragments

Wow, I feel like "Is it Friday already?" and  "Thank God It's Friday!!" all at one time. And I was trying really hard to blog more often, but for two weeks straight now, my Friday Frags post is the only post I manage to write all week.

Blah, blah blah.

Let's just get on with it.

HAPPY FRIDAY and here we go...

Frag #1
First up, I've felt old all week. Do you have weeks where you just feel old? I seriously think I have the Alzheimer's gene because I'll start to do something at work, then get a phone call, then have to sit for like...a minute, trying to think of what it was I was doing before the call.

A minute is a long time to sit doing nothing trying to think of the something you were doing.

Now that I think about it, this frag is not a fragment at all, but probably a topic for a whole post because I have lots to say about feeling old and realizing I have more years behind me than ahead of me and wondering  how and when and if I'll ever get out of the rut of "Yay it's Friday, boo it's Monday".

And can I just get my RV and start cruising the country already?

Let's shelf that for now.

Debbie Downer, moving on.

Frag #2
Our camping preparations are in full swing. We ordered a new Easy-Up tent. The day it was delivered, I put it up in our living room to see if it lived up to it's name. I'm happy to say it actually did. I put it up by myself in about 5 minutes. Reading and understanding the directions took about 20, but now that I've done it once, I'm good.

We bought an Easy-Up tent last year, a different brand, but the zipper on the door broke the first time we used it, and it was 3 inches too short inside for my hubby to stand upright. So we took it back.

I was very happy that this new one seems to live up to the advertisement. I told my sister that I put the tent up by myself and she, ever the feminist, sent me this text:

If you remember, last week she sent me a text about how she was going to make her own fire-starters for camping. Out of egg cartoons, dryer lint, and wax. 

A little side point about my sister. She's very independent. Ain't nobody (including her husband) gonna tell her how to be and if she wants something done that's typically something a husband would do, and hers isn't doing it, well, she just hauls off and does it her dang self.

This quality is one I admire about her a whole lot, actually. She was single for 40 years and learned to just rely on herself and that's just how she is.

She takes care of her pool, from maintaining the pump, to balancing the chemicals, to keeping it clean, all herself. She does most of her own yardwork. She can fix things on her car. She knows how to work her sprinkler timer. And she's a dang good cook too.

She's like Amelia Bedelia. Remember her?

"If I disassemble this, I can use the pieces to make a solar heater for my tent!"

Where was I going with this?

Oh yes, my sister's text. These are the kinds of texts I get from her when she's throwing back whiskeys.

This was a very long frag. Sorry about that. I'm a little rambly this week.

Frag #3
I've found a new site to make comics. With which to make comics. with. Something like that.

Anyway, it's I used to use, but their site has a few bugs that I've noticed they haven't fixed in a couple years. So I searched around the Internet and found Pixton and really like it. There's also a community that gives you feedback and pointers, which Toondoo lacked.

So here's a couple comics I've made at Pixton:
(Click on the little four-arrow-thingy-bob on the far right side, underneath each comic to see the whole thing, then click it again and it goes back to small size. Or, you can can click and drag to scroll left and read it. Took my hubby to point that out to me. I'll have to tell my sister that hubbys are good for a great many things, actually)

I'll have a few more comics to pester you with over the next few days. Making them is addicting, I have to say.

Frag  #4
Speaking of addictions, The Girl's 1 year anniversary of being clean and sober is coming up in a couple weeks. I'm so proud of her. She's come so far in one year, thanks to her faith and strength, and God's help. Last year at this time I was living a parent's nightmare and today, she's texting me scriptures everyday and her favorite birthday gift was a bible my brother gave her.

If you're the parent of an addict, don't lose hope. They can, and do, change. Things can get better. It may take longer than we think it should, or longer than we think we can take it. But just...don't ever lose hope.

That's it for my frags this week. Sunday, my brother is giving my sister and I a fishing lesson, focusing on the pole-rigging. I hope to write a post about that, complete with some conversation snippets. So stay tuned for that riveting news.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

If you'd like to share your weekly what-nots and frags, link up here at Unknownmami's blog and Frag on!

Unknown Mami


Rebecca Jo said...

YIPEE for a year sober. Its tough being a parent of an addict... good to see positive light in that!

I had to visit just because I saw your tag of Amelia Bedilia... I ADORED her growing up :)

Kay said...

Addictions are very hard to overcome, a full year is wonderful!!! May God bless her efforts and hold her close as she fights this battle!

I have scatter brain too. I think it might be the weather! I just want to be out in it. But alas, we have summer school in the house. Worthwhile sacrifices, I do hope...

Yay for easy up tent!! We have too many to house, so ours is a massive, 3 room thing. But the kids are great at putting it up now, so, the next phase is camping farther away than the yard ;-) Baby steps for our herd, eh?

I am the handyman in our home too. Hubby is very smart, just not mechanical. But that's ok, we complement right?

circleoftoast said...

A year sober, that's fantastic! I have a family member struggling with addiction, and a year sounds like an impossible dream, right now. Congratulations!

Claudya Martinez said...

I love the running dryer lint joke. You and your sister are a great comedy team.

Fred J said...

A. Your cartoons embedded fine - you just slide it to the left to see the rest of it.

B. I think I understand why your Sis was single for 4 decades.


Lori said...

Ohhhh. You click on the little 4 arrow thingy and it shows the whole thing. Maybe on your phone, you can just slide it. At any rate...thanks hubby! I'll tell my sis that hubby's ARE good for some things! heehee.

Unknown said...

Congrats to the year sober. Your cartoon is really cute. I will have to tell my daughter about that website, she will love it.

Karen and Gerard said...

I think when you forgot what your were going to do was just a Sr. moment. Yesterday when doing our grocery shopping, my husband forgot where he left his cart! Ha, ha. I'm glad it's not just me that is a bit forgetful. I forgot to bring in the dog's water bottle after our trip to the park so it was in the hot car for a couple hours.

Anonymous said...

I admire strong women like your sister who just go out and do things and figure them out and don't rely on someone else to do it. I rely on my hubs a lot around the house, partly because I don't want to do things and partly because I'm afraid to royally mess them up and he'll just yell anyway.

Glad the tent is going to be good. Can't wait for camping stories.

Amelia Bedelia was a hoot--read those stories to my kids and they always loved them!

Clapping and praising God for your daughter on her one year! I know that when you have God close to your heart in your struggles, you cannot fail. Keep him close and walk in faith, he will help and guide and surround her with people who also walk in faith. Blessings are coming and more good things are on the way for her, I'm sure.

Very cool cartoon app. I liked the post it notes one so maybe I'll give the cartoon one a try. So fun. Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

PS--now going to follow you on instagram and pinterest. I'm at